Tell me, brother, about your current releases! Of course, we must discuss your unholy alliance with Thornspawn but that is not your only recent release.  Black Angel is staying busy, yes?

Here Hector Corpus, bassist and leader of Black Angel from Perú, first thank the editor of this magazine, Sleepwalker, by this opportunity, yes, we currently have many releases by Edit among which are that infernal split with Thornspawn, in these days Black Angel are recording and rehearsing new songs for future productions.

A Brazilian Assault comes soon, at the end of this April…how many shows are planned? What supporting bands will aid with the devastation?

Yes, at the end of April will be held our fifth tour to the Brazil, are provided for two concerts, on April 30 in the city of Ayavíri, Perú and 13 may in the city of Campo Grande, Brazil, the bands who supported these shows are: Katastrofe, Alcoholic Death and Agression.

Black Angel formed in 1997, yes?  There is an extensive history with multiple albums, splits, EPs and more…what, for you, has been Black Angel’s best year? Is it still yet to come?

Black Angel is formed to the beginning of the year 1988 was born in the district of Comas exactly, north of the capital of Lima, Perú, commanded by their bassist founder Héctor Corpus, Black Angel has always been active without any interruptions since 1988 until these day and remains more strong through time battling with much perseverance. Yes, all the years were best for Black Angel and nowadays Black Angel is with to come many more productions and many more tours.

Tell us about the split with USBM cult Thornspawn.  Blackthorn said you were thinking to do a tape at first? Tell us how this dark union came to power between Thornspawn and Black Angel, ‘Impious Jaws of Bestial Rites and Evil Consecrations (Walpurgis Sabbatical)!

Yes, this split release of cult Thornspawn and Black Angel denominated “Impious Jaws of Bestial Rites and Evil Consecrations” (Walpurgis Sabbatical) at first the idea it was to produce a split tape, but days after Blackthorn contact with Sleepwalker producer of the label Forbidden Records from USA and in the end they decide release the split in format DVD case for collection including a logo button for each band, much thanks, Forbidden Records !!!

Also, you have a new full length album, ‘The Black Truth’!!! Tell us about this release! Is all the material brand new?

Yes, our new album is denominated “The Black Truth” contain 9 songs in total and was released by the label Old Goat Corpse Production from Malaysia, yes, all is totally new !!!

On the upcoming tour, what material will you be performing? With so many songs, how the fuck do you decide what to perform live?

The next tour will make it with new songs from our album “The Black Truth” and also with old songs as always got used to make our shows, our live performances are strong downloads for energies expressed at maximum voltage where all of us musicians we deliver what we have inside and downloaded it to our audience with much power and a huge force metal.

Will you shooting video on this upcoming tour? I found a website showing a split DVD you did with Die Human Race…is this official or a bootleg?

Not, unfortunately do not have recorded our concerts we did in this last tour, Yes, this releases split dvd with Black Angel and Die Human Race from Brazil Yes is an official releases, was released by the label Dead Center Productions from Ukraine in edition limited.

If a fans wants to collect multiple releases from Black Angel, can they contact you directly for these releases, or should they hunt down all the labels? There are so many good releases from Black Angel, it can be a lot of work!

Yes, all fans can contact me Hector Corpus at this e mail: or also can contact the respective labels, This is choice of every fans.

Black Angel has remained active for many, many years without cease. What has kept the band going strong all these years? There have been line-up changes, obviously, but was there ever a time that you thought the future of the band was in question?

Black Angel will remain stronger through time and always fighting with much perseverance. This is very safe.

After the tour, what can the maniacs expect from Black Angel? What does the future hold?

The maniacs can expect of Black Angel more years of destruction and darkness !!!

It has been a pleasure working with you on this split release from Forbidden Records, I look forward to it again!!! The last words are yours, my brother!!!

First thanking this respectable Magazine for giving me this opportunity and Sleepwalker , Thanks…

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