Fairly new to the scene, Indianapolis sludge/grind duo, Late August, have stormed the gates with both barrels blazing. Having already shared the stage with the likes of Sourvein and Coffinworm among others, cousins Daniel and Scott Wilson have quickly began carving the Late August name into the extreme music history books. With their debut full-length hitting the streets in the very near future, it seems apparent that we should all seek shelter, because the shit’s about to hit the proverbial fan.

Hails to the both of you! First off, for those not in-the-know, could you give a little background on how Late August came to be, and, if you don’t mind, how the passing of Shane Barnett was involved in that formation?

Daniel: Hails!! Sure, Late August basically formed for the cause of making sick-ass music and keeping my brother Shane Barnett’s memory alive for the sick shit he and I did, and the stuff like Abattor and Emotion Zero that he did, that i wasnt involved in. Every project had a very classic nostalgia that’s came with its memory to the old-schoolers now. I feel that what he did in this scene was very awesome and is very worth being remembered, and maybe even enjoyed by a younger generation that wasnt old enough to enjoy these projects at the time of their formation.

How would you say Late August compares to your past projects?

Daniel: Compared to my former projects, the serious ones after all the crazy shit we tried when we were super-young? (laughs). Well, I think it’s in the same vein of what I’ve always done, like what Shane and I always brought to the table; sick, heavy sludge-doom riffs, with just the right dab of grind intertwined, on top of sick scream (to occassional mid-lows) type of vocals. Also, if anybody caught the very short-lived Self Abuse in 2008 that I did with Justin Rea (vocals) and Kyle Barker (guitar), it’s all had a same,raw,sick vibe, just a little more death metal (as with Blokhed) and a little more crust/punk (as with Self Abuse). Either way, you pretty much know what you’re going to get if I’m involved in a project, which is what I like from musicians that I listen to myself. It’s ok to experiment. Just dont lose the vibe that brought you to the dance, you know?

The first time Late August was featured in Forbidden Magazine, it was for a review of the band’s six-song Witness Of The Creation recording. Now, you guys are gearing up to record your first full-length, Not For Human Consumption, in the very near future with Bob Fouts (Apostle of Solitude, ex-The Gates of Slumber). How do you feel the Late August sound has evolved since the last time around, and how would you describe what will be heard on the upcoming record?

Daniel: Well, Scott and I are just a whole lot tighter together in general, and I think he’s starting to think with the “same brain” kind of shit (laughs). This release is more music, but it’s also a very matured Late August; musically, lyrically, vocally, all that. The format is the same; heavy grind, sick samples, tales of hatred for human beings, drug-addicted escapades, and obnoxious, stupid people and how they need to be extinguished from existence (see new track “Embracing Ignorance”). But like I said, it’s just a more matured band. I think people in the scene are starting to really like what we’re doing, which is awesome,but it just took a little while for everyone to realize what we’re bringing to the scene and how passionate myself and scott are about our music. Guys like Adam Walker (of Kata Sarka) and Dave Britts (of Coffinworm) have been awesome in getting us on fitting shows and stockpiling cd”s in the Coffinworm merch to help spread the word on our music.This record is going to be sick, heavy, raw…with the overall touch and Bob Fouts’ stamp of approval

As Late August is a fairly new addition to the more aggressive side of the Indianapolis underground scene, what are your thoughts on where the band’s 2-member set up fits in and what it brings to the table?

Daniel: I think our set-up is perfect for us. We’re cousins and we started our sirst band together twenty-four years ago, when we were barely able to hold an instrument. We’re very close and I think thats a big part of a good foundation for a band. I can’t jam with people who are stuck up pricks…assholes that like to argue and all that. It brings my vibe down and I just don’t have time for bullshit like that these days. This is the first band Scott’s done in years though, and his first band thats doing live gigs, recordings and all that kind of shit. But he was always around, supporting what we were doing. And I love thats he’s jumped in with both feet to have this experince and write sick music with me. I think we bring enough of everything to fit in well at shows with bands like Coffinworm (fucking great band), Apostle of Solitude, Kata Sarka, DaisyCutter, all the way to bands like Mr.Clit & the Pink Cigarettes, with their more experimental style of punk rock. I love those guy (and girls I should say) and there’s a handful of others that are making great music in this scene right now. I just go braindead when I try to think too much right on the spot…years of drug abuse!!

As the creator of much of the band’s artwork to this date, I have to ask, how do you feel the artwork meshes with the Late August brand of audio annihilation?

Scott: The art work is a perfect fit for what we do, without giving too much away. If you just look at the art and see what it’s saying, then you”ll understand what direction this album is going. The artwork is a force not too be fucked with in itself! You know that someone sick is on the other end of that pen and paper. It’s a perfect mesh for everyone involved!

Daniel: And I see it as just the other half of a sick message we’re trying to send out with our music.

Wow, guys, you’re making me blush! Glad I could be of assistance! In the band’s existence to this point, what would you consider your favorites among its accomplishments and performances?

Scott: As far as our accomplishments, the first Forbidden review, this interview, the set we played at the Vollrath Tavern with Sourvein, Coffinworm and Cocaine Wolves. That whole show just killed! Playing wth bands like Northless and Thorr-Axe. Playing a set with Darsombra was cool. Just being able to write good, heavy music, and so far being shown some love by so many in this scene. Being able to write music that keeps Shane’s memory alive, being able to keep doing things that keep the memory alive of who he was, what he did in his short lived life. Playing in a band with Daniel is huge for me, just meeting lots of cool people, playing killer shows and recording heavy music that people appreciate!

People always talk about influences, so yeah, why not? Ha! What would you say are the biggest inspirations for Late August, whether it be musically, in life, or otherwise?

Scott: Musical influences for me are Eyehategod, Neurosis, Jesu, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Zepplin, Godflesh…Locally, it’d be Coffinworm, Kata Sarka, The Gates Of Slumber, Apostle Of Solitude, Daisycutter and too many too name, really. Inspiration wise, it would be my kids. Really, I’m not sure how to express my inspiration beyond that. I can’t put it into words I guess.

Daniel: My musical inspirations would be shit from Black Sabbath and Zeppelin to Black Flag, GG Allin, Charles Bronson, Godflesh, Eyehategod, Napalm Death, Nasum, and just so many more, it’s unreal! My life inspiration is that I’m still alive to make this music right now…and my true friends and family.

What are your thoughts on the current state of extreme music in general, compared to where it’s been in the past?

Daniel: Well, extreme music has always had its heavyweights that keep putting the sick shit out, testing their limits no matter what. The punk scene isn’t what it’s been before(referring to new, great punk bands that aren’t already doing something great for years). I’m into alot of same bands that I’ve loved since their first releases and shit. There are good bands debuting stuff and all that, don’t get me wrong. But this “nu-metal” shit and what they call “hardcore” these days fucking suck to be bluntly honest. But you just have to dig threw the pile of crap to find the great bands doing the sick shit that they’ve always been doing! They will stand the test of time like always, and the sucky shit will disappear for some new brand of shitty “metal” to rear its ugly head in and try to stay around for a year or two. The great extreme music will always be there though! Death to false metal!

Can you recall the time in your life when you were first drawn toward the world of “heavy” or “extreme” music? What was it that initially drew you toward the dark side, so to speak?

Daniel: Oh, man! It was a process, dude. I remember getting a Twisted Sister album when Stay Hungry had just came out. My mom got it for me for my birthday, ’cause she’s always ruled! Then I got into more and more heavy music as each year passed. I got my first drumset when I was eight years old, and bands like D.R.I., Metallica, Exodus and Venom were changing my life as I knew it. Then, in my earlier teen years, I was turned onto Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Carnal Dissection, Baphomet and just a ton of sick death metal bands that were writing awesome mosh riffs at the time.Then I expanded to Eyehategod, Neurosis, Glazed Baby, and tons of industrial shit until I eventually just filled my influence cart with everything from early Metallica and D.R.I. to death and black metal, crust punk, industrial, doom, sludge, and so on and so on. I could talk about this for days (laughs)!

If a film was made, titled Late August, and was inspired by the band’s sound, what would the story involve, and where would you and Scott fit into the cast?

Daniel: Damn, that’s deep dude (laughs)! I guess the screenplay of the film would definitely be gritty and raw. It’d have a lot to do with hard times, whores,dealing with death, drugs, being an outcast to the majority of society…just dark issues like that. At one time I’d be a main character in this film, but now, me and Scott would just be the narrators for this story. Shit’s still as fucked up for me as always. I just learned what to do and what not do, to keep it from being as bad as it could be.

Aside from the recording of the upcoming record, what else is in the cards for Late August in the near future?

Daniel: Well, the future’s so bright, I might have to wear shades, Nate (laughs)! No seriously, I think the best for us is just starting to happen. We plan to do a split seven-inch with Mr.Clit and the Pink Cigarettes really soon after this new full-length is finished. We’re going into the studio on September 11th. And possibly a second split with a very loved band here in our scene. But nothing’s certain yet, just something me and a member of said band threw out there in conversation a couple weeks ago. And we just want to do tons of sick shows with sick bands, and start to do more out-of-town gigs (mostly weekend gigs at first), and more new merch featuring some very sick artwork I’m sure you’re familiar with. Hopefully, we’ll have some luck looking into some underground label support. The sky’s the limit (laughs)!

Well, that’s about it for now, guys! Thanks so much for your time! Any last words for the salivating, obsessive masses?

Daniel: Well, thanks so much for the interview, and thanks to everyone showing Late August some love in the scene. Come out and get your pussy pummeled by the hard cock that is Late August! Black metal fans keep your eyes out for Black Goat Of The Woods; sick, extreme blackened grind I’m doing vocals for,with ex-Blokhed, ex-Self Abuse, ex-Tunguska, and current Chinaski members! Stay in school! Crack is wack! Word. Support the underground!