For Maryland based Full of Hell, this full length is a disemboweling experience for those light of hearing and light in spirit as it is extreme classic hardcore meets spine snapping grind, infected with some viral sludge contagion still fermenting from the early 90’s. Their sound is complete with doom echoing baritone, Iommi-like riffs and a battering ram of rhythm that sounds like, well…Hell in a blender! It’s safe to say they are indeed FULL of HELL and here’s some examples to back that statement up:

“Dregs of Pluto” is slow and feedback filled gutter doom and maniacal hardcore-like vocals with a lot of saliva and venom for the first half of the 3-minute song, then suddenly rips into this full on hurricane of deep screams and down-tuned but meth-sped up sludge with a crust/grind temperament. In other words, it eats razorblades and washes them down with sulfuric acid to further shit out concrete blocks, corpses, and flames like a blowtorch in a propane plant.

“Black Iron” is two-minutes of vocal violence and punk grooves mixed with slow and doomy heavy hitting fist shots to the kidneys. In two-minutes this band can put more into a song than most heavy bands popping up these days will ever put into a lifetime, and you are guaranteed to walk away with your ears still ringing for days afterward. If you feel like your delicate ears are cluttered with audio crap these days, then let Full of Hell be your laxative.

“Affirmation of Nothing” is five minutes of great doom/sludge metal that would not be complete without the necessary trudging and slothful chord distortion and suspense build up to something undoubtably loud and intense, but instead of delivering on that promise “Affirmation of Nothing” remains as a: Crowbar low and slow “knock down and drag out” amidst feedback shrieks and “oversized fists made of lead” punching riffs and zombiefied Drill Sargeant hollering. If Hell does exist, this will be the guy checking you into the inferno and crawling up your ass for all eternity.

“Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home” reminds me of the solemn mood of Hollenlarm as it tends to be a more emotional component to this album, it’s sort of the ballad song maybe, and I only say that because it’s the only few minutes on here aside from “Affirmation of Nothing” where they aren’t shoving crack-house-made explosives up your ass and laughing as your torso combusts and turns everything within a 50-ft radius into some weird contemporary art piece of gore meets high art (?). The band actually bled deeply, or bled someone else very slowly as they continue to take the extreme and heavy route and turn to a no less inhumane method of disturbing the listener through a slower and bludgeoning wrecking ball to your skull approach on this one.

Side Note: If you really like dark and moody, aggressive and very heavy and morbid tales then you need to hear Hollenlarm, that is the ideal suicide by cop soundtrack after you complete some kind of brutal massacre.

Last month I saw label mates Seven Sisters of Sleep, and similar acts: TrapThem, Masakari, All Pigs Must Die, Acephalix and too many others all in one single day and it took me about a week, literally, to recover. To even attempt to break these sounds down into words is about as pointless as sharpening a cheap rubber eraser to make a dagger to kill yourself with. If you haven’t been fortunate to experience any of this brewing style that pulls influence from death metal/grind/hardcore/power violence/crust/sludge, sometimes industrial even depending on the band, then you’re in need of a series car battery acid shot with chaser of a very brief and tantalizing electrical bath with open live wiring dipping in and out of the tub to dose you with a rhythmic pulsing of energy for the ultimate “buzz”.

These bands are loud, ugly like a baboon ass covered in warts, and really embody frustration and “Fuck This” to realistic extents, so hopefully this won’t become the next trend to see dozens of turds saturate the punch bowl again, but until then reap the bile, rejoice, and for the sake of anything of value in this world: PLEASE punch your obnoxious pretentious neighbor/s. Love they neighbor, like most religious vomit is open to interpretation, so show them your fists of love.

If you have anger issues, then you are the NORMAL one, and this noxious crap is essential for therapy, so swallow whole and take as much as can be gouged down your throat.

Essential for fans of: All Pigs Must Die, Eyehategod, Trap Them, Unholy Grave, Insect Warfare, Seven Sisters of Sleep, The Secret, The Nails, Converge, and the sodomizing of early Earache releases.