Things are pretty business as usual in Archgoatland. Ever since their split with Beherit many moons ago, they’ve been quite the talk of the town. A good many years passed between that legendary split (of which their half was released solo a few years prior, anyway) before 2004’s “Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal” 7″ was unleashed, thus bringing them out of the woodwork and back into the realm of the living to blaspheme Jehova once more.

This new EP takes even more stabs at desecrating all things holy, and once again sports some artwork best not seen by virgin eyes (oh yes, pun VERY MUCH intended) by maestro Chris Moyen. The “vomiting goat-style” vocals they’ve practically trademarked are once again present, as if you would dare to expect anything less? It may just be me, and it may or may not be intentional, but it seems that this time around the vocals overpower the instruments, which doesn’t detract from the vileness of the experience anyway.The overall production is tight yet still maintains a dreadful enough atmosphere and has just enough of a sensation of enveloping you in a layer of slime and filth to make you feel as though you need a shower after.

If you have previous Archgoat experience, you’ll know exactly what to expect, as it’s gotten pretty routine. And rest assured, they serve it up well, as only they can. It may be over a little too quickly, but they’ve put out solid releases fairly close to each other after their decade’s hiatus from the black metal shitshow that ensued in that span of time, so I’m sure something else is on deck before long. May whatever God is help us all when that day arrives! (FA)