Founded in 2007 in Kuwait, and now spread out across the world. Voice of The Soul is one of the middle east’s hardest working bands. The young foursome has already released 3 EPs with “Into Oblivion” being their latest opus. Mahesh from Forbidden Magazine had a email interview with Kareem the vocalist of Voice of the Soul. Greetings from Forbidden magazine. Congrats on your latest EP “Into the Oblivion” Thank you! I really appreciate it. For the benefit of the readers of Forbidden magazine; can you take us through the history of Voice of the Soul? Voice of the Soul started with me and a couple of other guys when I was about 15 years old in late 2007. I wanted to make things a bit more serious, so I spent months networking around Facebook and Myspace to find musicians in Kuwait. I finally was able to and we played a number of shows as a cover band. We had a fresh lineup from late 2008 onwards, where we began to write originals. It was just me (guitars/vocals) and Monish (guitars). We decided to continue after we released our first EP, despite Monish and I living in different countries now. Summer 2010 onwards, cialis viagra levitra comparacion though, we had Ahmed (bass) and Rana (drums) join our lineup. We’ve released 3 EPs since our inception, and we’ve been fortunate to be on some compilations, including one that has bands like Norther, Daylight Dies, and Nervecell on it. Whose idea was behind the name of the band considering that the region you buy cialis online< come from, extreme music is a bit scarce? How did you manage to get into extreme metal? The way we came up with< the name was really silly. There was a battle of the bands competition in 2008, and we needed a name…I looked at

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my iPod and it was Death’s “Voice of the Soul”. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Death are one of my favorite bands, and Chuck (as well as most of the musicians he’s worked with) are huge inspirations…so I guess it seemed appropriate. There always is a small metal community wherever you go in this world. I mean what most people listened to in that small scene in Kuwait at the time wasn’t really my thing…but with the internet, a more open metal community in Dubai and Lebanon, and the interest as a young and naive guitarist (though I still am) into fast and technical solos, it seemed like I was going to tread on that path (haha). I spent most of my free time playing guitar. At the time, I mostly played rock and equivalente generico cialis< hard rock music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I heard some solos from various Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Children of Bodom songs, and I was amazed. That later helped me branch out into bands like Death, Slayer, In Flames, Cannibal Corpse, Kalmah, At the Gates… I did you review for your EP “Eyes of the Deceit” which actually gave me an insight to Bands from Kuwait. Are there any more bands similar to Voice of Soul apart from Benevolent? Yeah, there are a couple. Ahmed, our bassist, low testosterone viagra plays guitar and is the co-founder of a band called Black Well. They released a full length and it’s really a nice death metal/thrash album with an edge to it. Another band worth mentioning is Depth, who are older than Voice of the Soul, Benevolent, or Black Well for that matter. They released a full length a few years ago, and an EP two summers ago that was more progressive oriented than melodic death metal. At the moment, I think they’re moving more towards that progressive side of metal, but I can’t really speak for them. All in all, these bands (as well as Benevolent) are all worth listening to, and we’re all pretty good friends too. ”Eyes of Deceit” is the band’s 2nd EP release. How have fans reacted to the album so far? Eyes of Deceit was released in 2010 and it was a different take on our music. We definitely experimented a lot, and was worth the time and effort. People liked it and began to take us more seriously…I guess we weren’t just one-trick ponies to them. Into Oblivion, which we just released, is what I’m most proud of though. I feel like our sound is starting to mature and develop to a whole new (and viagra for sale online< better) level. Most of our critics think that this is our best release yet, though some preferred Eyes of Deceit…perhaps because it wasn't as heavy. The music of Voice of Soul shows many different inspirations. Where does the band draw the influences from? We all listen to different music, though we obviously have many things in common. I can only speak for myself though, but bands like At the Gates, Arch Enemy, Swallow the Sun, Death, Hypocrisy, Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, and Carcass really have been huge influences on me. I think the influences become more eclectic with time, though. What bands do you listen to when you are not creating your own music. Do you also listen to music outside metal? I listen to lots of music outside of metal…I’ve been listening to empty stomach and viagra other genres of music before metal, so that hasn’t stopped. Lately, I’ve been nostalgic and enjoying some Necrophagist and Wintersun…both need to release their new albums soon. cialis 20 mg< I've also been listening to a lot

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of Thurisaz (not Turisas) who are one of the most amazing bands I’ve heard in a long time, as well as Enslaved, Junius (another amazing band), and Lantlos. Outside of metal, I’ve been listening to Pearl Jam, Musk Ox, Peter Broderick, Velvet Revolver, and The Vines. There are certainly more, but I just drugstore viagra can’t think of all of them right now. Take us through the song writing process. Who come up with the idea of various structures in the song? Do each of you record your parts separately and collaborate later? It really depends. I mean, everyone is involved at one point or another. I’d say that everyone really writes on their own, then if something comes up on the table that we all think sounds great, we’d continue. It really depends with each song. Sometimes it’s just one person who does everything then has some parts refined by the other members, or something it’s just a pure collaboration between two or more of the band members. Some of the leads are breathtaking. Who would you credit with the motivation for such superb guitaring? I

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really like enjoy the solos that Michael Amott, Jason Becker, and Marty Friedman come up with…they’re very soulful and well-phrased, as well as Jeff Loomis and Bill steer. In terms of just lead guitar, I like the leads phrased in bands like Swallow the Sun, Novembre, and Agalloch. I also would give credit to the classical music I listen to. Your production seems to be crystal clear. Is there a conscious effort levitra cialis viagra price comparison to get it to that level? A lot of bands fail to do that but Voice of the Soul is a bit different. Sarj, our producer, does an excellent job. It really has allowed many bands in Kuwait to shed their light on the rest of the region, though we have (arguably)

one of the worst metal scenes anyone could ever picture. Sarj is really experienced as a musician too. He has his own band, Nocturna, which has been on hiatus for a bit, but he’s been slowly working on getting an album done I believe. He’s really a great and well-rounded person to help get bands in shape. Of course there is a conscious effort. There are so many metal bands out there that are promoting themselves, and though it should always be the music, quality of recording plays a huge role too. Your artwork on each EP is pretty interesting and coming to the latest EP “Into the oblivion;” what is the concept behind that? Do take us through the thought process of this artwork. The artwork is always about the overall theme of the music and lyrics (whether direct or indirect).

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Into Oblivion definitely has some great meaning behind the artwork. The songs on Into Oblivion are not directly cialis help related in terms of theme. Some are about war, one about a personal vendetta…etc. Though overall, I feel like it’s about overall struggle in life; to struggle and suffer to live or to die to escape this life/reality and to (hopefully) live another one. It

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seems a bit strange and perhaps even morbid but that’s how the band grouped all these songs together. Of course, the artist, Vincent Monsonego, did a fantastic job with his interpretation and all went well! After releasing 3 EP’s when can we except your Full length album? How does melodic touch come so easily for you in your music? The aggression is also well mixed to take it to the next level. Definitely. That is our next goal. We’re gonna give it more time though. I’m a huge fan of classical music and moving melodies (in most genres of music). As a result, I feel like it comes naturally when I play or write music. As for the aggression, metal has always been the best output for my negative emotions and thoughts. I love listening to Suffocation, Necrophagist, Dying Fetus,

Slayer…etc. They really know how to let it all out, haha. You have released 3 EP’s and during the process there would have been a lot of learning. Do let us know, as a band what areas you have improved on, and also the areas you feel you can do better. That is very true. I just turned 20 on the 11th of October, and I’m the oldest member. It shows that we are all really young and have a long way to go, both as musicians and just ordinary people. I can’t speak for the band, but the more I wrote songs, the more I learned how to phrase solos better, write better transitions, and how to diversify my vocal range (or at least try to). I think that, as a band, we can do better in giving things alot more ‘time’…which is what we’re going to do. Any plans to tour Europe and US? We’re currently working on getting some more shows around the Middle East this winter, but we’ve spoken to a few people last summer who wanted to hit us up with a few shows in Europe and the US that didn’t work out. I’d love to hit Europe this summer though. If the stars align nicely, then perhaps it will all work out! A few other bands from the region have done so before, so maybe it’ll all work out! Thank you once again for taking the time to answer the questions. From all of us at Forbidden magazine, we wish Voice of the Soul all the best in all its upcoming endeavors! Thank you, Forbidden Magazine, for supporting and covering our work for the past year and a half. Keep up the great work. Cheers!