In my honest, diseased, and eccentric opinion Dethroned Christ is perfect, and it’s not just the name that makes me empty my bowels with alacrity (i.e. tremendous ease)!!!! In fact, DC fits my idea of black metal supremacy in the following ways:

  1. It’s raw, like an Indian burn on your forearm induced through the harsh scratching of sand piper laced with poison oak, further enhanced through urine scald.
  2. The riffs have that anus-ripping classic thrash metal feel, but here they are endowed by Satan to churn out this apocalyptic tornado that snaps necks and yanks coffins from their graves by the roots.
  3. The vocals are throaty, not too froggy, definitely bit of zombie vomit present, but absolutely and unmistakably born out of the rankest cesspool in Hell. The opener “The Return” is a fire breathing venomous wage of hatred and war that even makes early Bathory seem a bit novelty in comparison, as here the vocals literally sound as though the bastard is exhaling fire with the crackle and growl of burning organic matter.
  4. There’s a bit of swampy tar tones to some of the guitar portions (Gravewurm, Inquisition, Malepeste), but overall it’s a blasting death squadron of Sodom, early Bathory (Under the Sign of the Black mark) and even some heavy 80’s underground metal and N.W.O.B.H.M (check out the serious shredding and classic head banging on the title track “Dethroned Christ”)
  5. The diversity of metal styles mentioned in #4, these louts even bust out a classic metal solo that’ll make the anti-black metal snobs stop and scratch their head, thinking it’s their ass for a moment or two during “Dethroned Christ”. To screw with things just a bit more they even stop and start a song, right in the middle for a brief second or two before cranking it up again as if nothing happened (“Lycanthropy”), or like a record being muted for a second by accident but perfectly timed.
  6. “Property of Neferti” shows how a band can have a majestic touch and some dense cobweb atmospheres without ever losing the capacity to decapitate with their chords or bludgeon with percussion. It’s an eight-minute suite of inherent aggression, hideous heathenism, and flesh shredding heavy metal that’s sure to spill blood and instigate a riot.
  7. The band name Dethroned Christ, as that alone should be enough to invoke interest; and the band lives up to the name!!!!!
  8. It’s really not just black metal… it’s really vicious and depraved heavy metal!!!!

****Sometimes bands and labels send stuff my way to give it press that it didn’t get, so it may not be brand new, but I’d rather put something good out there that deserves press rather than glorify stuff that PR tries to shove up my ass. Seriously!!!! Please don’t think that because it’s not minus 2 months old that it’s a waste and stale (as most of us read reviews of re-issues for more than just the info on bonus shit and remastering).