“Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus” That’s Latin for “With blood and whip, we worship the dark”. Of course, I have to wholeheartedly concur. Gnaw Their Tongues is a classic Italian horror film and Sade novel come to life and the audial equivalent to hell’s beckoning scraping at your ears. Lovingly doling out pain through sheer dissonance and utter malediction, Gnaw Their Tongues is a piping hot black cauldron of often minimalist yet sometimes even elaborate abyssic art. The brainchild of a shadowy figure from The Netherlands known only as “Mories”, the hypnotic and deeply disturbing sounds contained herein reflect an unbridled passion for the darker side of man’s thoughts and behaviors espoused by a mind that can only be described and part genius, part sociopath.

Through the use of a whole menagerie of musical instruments and vocal arrangements, Gnaw Their Tongues pays homage to all the forbidden fruits tempting man throughout the ages, from the foulest deviant sex acts to actually taking a human life out of complete lustmord and everything in between that.your parents, teachers, preachers, “THOSE WHO WOULD CALL THEMSELVES, YOUR JUDGES!”, told you to keep far away from. Well Gnaw Their Tongues amalgamates them all into a ferocious black metal and noise bastard child aborted at light speed while regurgitated repeatedly for you listening pleasure as you discharge every bodily fluid imaginable in pure orgasmic ecstasy. This is what you want to be listening to those final seconds before death’s warm embrace, and it will leave you transfixed still during your journey far into the nether regions.

An act like this that mixes sounds of total terror and uses striking imagery in his album art (all the more reason why underground music goes hand in hand with keeping packaged media alive, but I shall not digress) knows how to capture an all-out attack on the senses and inject its deadly venom and the very core of your soul. It may be a hard sell to many, but in the end, Gnaw Their Tongues is deftly executed (pun intended? Perhaps!), black disharmony that will effortlessly appeal to purveyors of Abruptum, Roto Visage, and the various works of Michael Ford. Check this one out before you permanently check out. Your dreams will thank you later. (FA)