Sometimes a dose of vicious, hate-filled blasphemy is exactly what you need. Enter Haemoth with their latest album, In Nomine Odium (Debemur Morti Productions). You won’t find any darkly beautiful melodies or depressing passages here. The band chooses to go straight for the throat with their brand of raw black metal. You know what I’m talking about; harsh, dissonant riffs, blasting war drums, and wicked screams of torment. In the album’s 44-minute length, there are only a handful of moments where the band seems to take a respite from their assault, but they only serve to lull the listener into a false sense of security before the next wave of terror begins. Not to mention these instances do well to make the album avoid becoming a wall of tedious white noise.

Granted, there’s nothing particularly original or ambitious here. This style of black metal has been done before (and sometimes better) by other bands, but there’s a certain sincerity behind the music. It’s as if the band is pouring out their black hearts to the listener, and sharing their visions of total destruction and desecration. It’s quite touching, in a way, to have such an insight into the disturbed minds of Haemoth. That’s great because I’d much rather listen to something that’s unorginal but sincere than something that values novelty for novelty’s sake.

If you’re looking something that sounds “pretty,” you’d better stay away from In Nomine Odium; all you’ll find is raw, harsh, menacing, wicked, etc., etc., black metal that will not only kick you in the head, but crucify you if you’re unlucky enough. Wimps and poseurs, leave the hall.