Monthly Archive:: December 2011

Forteresse – Crepescule d’Octobre

Forged in similar flames of past glories and lost cultures as the Scandinavian hordes, this Quebec based trio blazoning sets their own black flames to their heritage through epic and majestic black metal. The usual descriptors: dense, foggy, forestry, atmospheric, mystical, epic, cold, frosty, grim…blah blah apply here, but there’s a Hell of a lot [&hellip

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Bleeding Fist – Devil’s Ferox

(War Productions Portugal – 300 copies on Cassette format) Bleeding Fist is for the serious old-school black metal fan with their own vile mixture of the first and second waves of black metal that’ll scorch the scalp right off your skull. Bleeding Fist is a refreshing return to form, back when the spirit and soul [&hellip

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Hypsiphrone – And the Void Shall Pierce Their Eyes

Flat out, this is some serious disturbed, perverted, sadistic and psychotic shit!!!!! I have yet to have been seriously convinced of someone being able to convey their experience of inflicting something so terrifying in audio that it could honestly be a Freudian slip of their sociopathic, homicidal delusions taken beyond the point of a half [&hellip

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