Here comes another band whose sound completely redefines melodic, dark metal and to give you a glimpse at what to expect, here’s a hint: although EchO is an Italian band, they feature Greg Chandler (Esoteric) as a guest vocalist on the closer “Sounds From Out Of Space” and he also produced (BadMoodMan Music). So, dark/doom death metal purists (and any unsuspecting listener for that matter) should have no difficulty getting buried in this release. For the most part of the album it’s more prog/space rock with doom and death metal fusion and highly worth the 80% of it that does make a nuclear powered blast of heaviness and abysmal suffocating atmospheres. With “Summoning the Crimson Soul,”
I’m sort of feeling a sad drifting through time, lost and condemned for eternity searching for something/someone all due to the melodic keyboard/synth and the cinematic tone that invokes thoughts of a doom/death-infected Arcturus. Aside from the wavering and emotional “Deserting” moments, one cannot be left without some blunt force trauma by means of death metal riff brutality and growled vocals coming straight from the bowels to decimate their Earthly existence…into nothing less than a just a memory. Honestly, I’ve never heard anything exactly like this and this is just the first taste of what these guys have done here.

With the exception of two songs and a part of the closer, “Sounds From Out Of Space”, the post-rock gets completely disintegrated into oblivion by the rest of this album, thankfully, as it diverges into a seriously massive and bludgeoning surreal death metal meets horror with some slight space rock/prog tendencies. “Omnivoid” is a shrieking psychedelic metal siren that goes deep into the den of the reaper halfway through with it’s cosmic meets gloom and predestined suffering meets sci-fi. “Omnivoid” is yet another almost like Arcturus song, where the band mixes the melodic/prog/cosmic/psyche themes and influences with the muscle and soul inhaling deathblows of darker metal styles. This song alone is worth the small price of admission, now if only the post-rock bits had been completely erased form the album in exchange for the celestial doom and devastation found on “Omnivoid” I’d be 100% sold. “Internal Morphosis” starts out like a funeral lament with a heavy bass line thumping like the heartbeat of paranoia of something painful and horrific approaching, and then it becomes something to fear after 3-minutes of building up to the bestial climax, the grisly throaty vocals of Death’s calling hail down through an explosion of baritone slugging riffs to destroy all matter. Seriously, this one is really heavy and a cocaine loaded fully punching riff and percussion maelstrom that’ll leave your skull resembling a pumpkin dropped from a 10 story window. There’s also an unmistakable death metal worship thing going on here, especially toward the songs end, complete with the necessary guitar “pig squeal” and some good down the neck shred and slides.

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