Formed in what many refer to as the death metal heyday in the early 1990’s, old school-minded Swedish death crew, Entrails, embraced the ravenous ways of the genre’s most notable contributors. Not long after their inception, the band lay dormant from the mid-nineties until just a few years ago, when the beast was resurrected to once again wreak havoc on us all. Forbidden Magazine was fortunate enough to catch up with the band’s bassist/vocalist, Jocke Svensson, who left no gravestone unturned when it comes to the band’s origins, the skull-smashing new record, that retard known as Leatherface, and more!!

Massive hails! First thing’s first…for those not fortunate enough to know what’s up, could you provide a brief run-down of the band’s beginnings and events leading up to where the guys in Entrails find themselves today?

Hails! Entrails started out in 1990-91, was put to rest in 94, and reunited in 2008 with some new members. Since then, we’ve released two albums: Tales from the Morgue in 2010, and The Tomb Awaits in 2011. We are currently working on new material for an upcoming album in 2012.

As the Entrails sound is heavily influenced by the ways of the old school death metal greats (Entombed, Dismember, Carcass, etc.), what is your take on the current state of the genre, with all the “new blood“ filling the stream, so to speak?

There are lots of new good bands out there. I haven’t heard many of the old Swedish style though. It’s mostly Autopsy and early Morbid Angel influences. We have good Swedish bands like Morbus Chron, Degial, Antichrist, Blood Mortized, etc.

I have to be honest, The Tomb Awaits was my formal introduction to the band, and it blew me away! As a long-time fan of the old school sound, I found the record really striking a chord with my personal taste. Can you describe the creative process this time around, compared to that of Tales from the Morgue?

The process was similar to the previous record. Jimmy had lots of songs done already, but this time we changed some things together. With Tales…, we just played the songs Jimmy had done, without changing anything.

The lyrical content of The Tomb Awaits possesses a ton of horror-related imagery, so I’m guessing the Entrails camp loves that kind of shit…as do I. If all of horror’s greatest villains were to be locked in a cage for a deathmatch, who would Entrails bet on for the win, and why?

I would say Jason Vorhees perhaps, because he just can’t be beaten. There are alot of other guys as well, of course, but we’d bet on him. Leatherface seems more like a retard that you can fool. Freddy Krueger only exist in dreams, and nightmares are for pussies. Michael Myers might be up for a challenge though. Both like knives, both wear masks, and both are remorseless. Otherwise, I’d hope for the doctor in The Human Centipede to sew them all together in a long, good fecal fest.

What aspects of this life find their way into the inspiration behind the Entrails sound?

Life is pretty good sometimes, but the world is always shit. So, that might be a constant inspiration.

Quite a bit of time has passed since the birth of Entrails, how do you feel the band has evolved or changed since ‘91?

Everyone’s more into it now than before, and it’s a more solid lineup. The songs are more structured and the lyrics have changed a bit.

How did the band’s allegiance with Dark Descent Records come about?

Through FDA Rekotz. It’s really fucking good and important that our music is spreading across the ol’ US of A!

What initially drew you to the fury of old school death metal?

Three words: Left. Hand. Path. (and the Swedish sound and vein).

If you were buried alive with only one cd and along with a decent player and headphones, what would be the number one choice to suit the situation?

Then I would have burnt a ripping cd with the best tracks of the following albums:

Slayer – Show No Mercy, Hell Awaits & Reign in Blood

Metallica – Kill ’em All, Ride the Lightning & Master of Puppets

Entombed – Left Hand Path & Clandestine

Iron Maiden – from Iron Maiden to Seventh Son

Autopsy – Severed Survival & Mental Funeral

With the band’s exposure lately in the extreme music press comes more attention from fans worldwide. Any chance of Entrails appearances outside of Europe on the horizon?

We certainly hope so! A small tour in the States would be awesome, for example!

What else does the future hold for the band? Recordings? Live devastation?

A new album is in the making, but we’re still working on the songs, so we haven’t done much more yet. No hurry and no worries, so far. The only show booked is at Summer Breeze Festival in Germany, which will be awesome! Lots of good bands there. Other than that, we’re looking for more good gigs. So, if you’re interested, or know someone who is, let us know!

That about does it for now! On behalf of all at Forbidden Magazine, I thank you for your time and effort! Any last words for the rabid masses?

Thank you! To really sum it up, I’ll quote Slayer from their masterpiece, “Praise of Death”. It says it all: “Running and hunting and slashing and crushing and searching and seeing and stabbing and shooting and thrashing and smashing and burning, destroying and killing and bleeding and pleading, then death.” And of corpse, keep on buying our stuff and follow us on Facebook and myspace for news and shit.