These days, it’s really hard to not find one’s self completely overcome with a disgusted, misanthropic attitude toward the present state of humanity…at least if you’re paying attention to the grueling shitstorm that is society. If not, then you must be one of the lucky and/or oblivious few that will march like sheep through your days thinking it’s all sunshine and daisies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those of you that have grown comfortable wearing your blinders tightly fastened are surely due for a wake-up call of some kind. Some say people are the superior being on this planet, but I often find examples that would prove otherwise. In many ways, people have become professionals at poisoning this world and all of its inhabitants. Organized religion and politics are more tightly knit than ever and no one actually gives a single fuck about you or your pathetic excuse for a life…save for maybe your family, if you’re lucky. People no longer need any reason to blow someone’s brains out the back of their skull, so get out of the fucking way. It’s all around you, no need to look far for proof. For example, here in Indianapolis, some asshole couldn’t even wait a full twenty-four hours before snagging the trophy for the city’s first thoughtless homicide of 2012. Yes, people are losing their minds at an alarming rate. With the current state of things, I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, people are no longer the “dominant” species. Hell, I’d be willing to bet that my cat could defeat that guy at the bus stop in a game of chess. And lets not forget the whole theory that the world is ending later this year. I’d like to think that if we are all going to be swept away in the floods or devoured by scorching flame and all life is snuffed, we’d at least have the option of a decent soundtrack to help ring in our last days. With that thought in mind, another group of pro-apocalypse contributors comes to mind: Australian black metal horde Mhorgl.

The band unleashed their latest assault, Heresiarch (Sovereign Records), in the later part of 2011 as the follow-up to 2010’s Antinomian. Where the latter constructed the foundation of a towering hatred of mankind, Mhorgl’s new apocalyptic ritual sends it towering above, piercing the peaceful heavens like the angel-ravaging jaws of Hell’s most vicious hounds. Yes, where its predecessor left off, this beast picks up in an evolved, raging fashion. That being said, it appears all-too-easy to hear/read comparisons to fellow Australian killers, Deströyer 666. Sure, the guys in Mhorgl may have some similar weaponry in their arsenal, or super-apparent influences, but simply writing them off as a “worship band” or black market clone may fall a bit short of the proverbial bull’s eye.

I mean, numbers like “Black Wolf Militia” and “Ravenous Wargod” are easily highlights of Heresiarch seething with blackened thrash ferocity and an undeniable, head-banging punk attitude. The same can be said for the likes of “Impiety Storm” and “Terror Manifesto” when it comes to Mhorgl’s vision of pulling no punches. Meanwhile, Mhorgl flips the script by way of three melancholy, acoustically-leaning interludes throughout, making it easier to see who’s paying attention.

Where some of their peers are more situated in the realm of creating a wall of blackened sound to crush your soul, Mhorgl’s focus seems to be centered around riffs and percussion that slice you to bite-sized bits and tenderize them to a pulp consistency, respectively. As if their previous record wasn’t enough proof, the band has definitely stepped up their game with Heresiarch. In this neck of the woods, it’d be a damn mistake to not take notice!