Monthly Archive:: January 2012

Funeral Fornication – Pandemic Transgression

Hailing from British Columbia, the one-man sorrow monger, Funeral Fornication, has released its latest ode to melancholia, Pandemic Transgression. Sorrowful is one way to describe the album, as a brooding sadness permeates every song. Not content with the tremolo picking and tortured screams of most black metal, Vultyrous showcases his more ambient side by tossing [&hellip

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Degradation – Juggernaut

I had not heard Chicago thrash metallers Degradation before, and when I got their material, I was thrilled as it has been sometime listening to a classic thrash act. The excitement prompted me to instantly check their album Juggernaut and get into their 8-song mix. Just taking some time to introduce the band – Formed [&hellip

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Alastor – Demon Attack

This Portuguese label is one of the coolest finds I’ve had in years! They either re-issue classic and essential material like Bleeding Fist’s Devil’s Ferox, or release limited runs of brutal shit like Devastator’s Conjuring Evil, or bring to light the venomous and vulgar sounds from the caverns of the Portuguese metal underground (all aggressive [&hellip

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Devastator – Conjuring Evil

Now we see the passing of the (long stolen) winter festival vulgarly dubbed as Christmas, and now talk of ways for “ringing” in the New Year, or as I say “wringing” as I recommend doing so by grasping it firmly by the throat and tightening while blasting this bastardized early Sodom blackened thrash trash!!!! Regardless [&hellip

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EchO – Devoid of Illusions

Here comes another band whose sound completely redefines melodic, dark metal and to give you a glimpse at what to expect, here’s a hint: although EchO is an Italian band, they feature Greg Chandler (Esoteric) as a guest vocalist on the closer “Sounds From Out Of Space” and he also produced (BadMoodMan Music). So, dark/doom death [&hellip

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Septic Mind – The True Call

Septic Mind comes in strong with this sophomore release, an epic trilogy consisting of three long and exhaustingly intense songs of crippling misery that is much like an Evoken/Esoteric cocktail of sound channeled through LSD and H.P. Lovecraft. There’s an incredibly hostile and frightening mood to “Planet is Sick” that is indebted to the sci-fi/psychedelic [&hellip

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