Septic Mind comes in strong with this sophomore release, an epic trilogy consisting of three long and exhaustingly intense songs of crippling misery that is much like an Evoken/Esoteric cocktail of sound channeled through LSD and H.P. Lovecraft. There’s an incredibly hostile and frightening mood to “Planet is Sick” that is indebted to the sci-fi/psychedelic whirling effect creating the imagery of a fluorescent cyclone cutting through the space-time continuum and slowly vacuuming all of existence into its invisible core. While “Doomed to Sin” is eerie, but looser in mood with more of a sense of space and wandering than being crushed or inhaled, it serves as a great space-out/lose-your-mind middle song between the haunting and epic opener of The True Call and the fierceness of “Planet is Sick”.

The True Call is 25+ minutes of a) 65% old Cure instrumental (Pornography/Faith/17 Seconds) gloom meets acid with funereal and dreamy psychedelic chords and brief melodic leads that hovers like a dense electric and humid fog over a planet destined for destruction in a matter of days or even hours; and b) 35% indecipherable, gurgling, inhuman growl over a sci-fi, psychedelic landscape of desertion and no absolution aside from death.

Even after writing this and listening to it over the last few weeks, it leaves me exhausted and short of breath afterward, it’s just that heavy! Their 2010 debut, The Beginning is also highly recommended and here’s a few links to get you initiated to their sound:

Song from debut

“The True Call” streaming