Terrorizer has returned after a six year hiatus with 14 tracks that make up the album Hordes of Zombies. The band is well known for their debut album World Downfall that became a classic-must-have album for anyone into grindcore/death metal. In 2005 the band reformed and made the stagnant Darker Days Ahead album then went on hiatus. In 2006 Guitarist Jesse Pintado passed away and since then the band has recruited Resistant Culture’s guitarist Katina Culture to continue the mayhem. The album also marks the return of Pete Sandoval’s to the drums after having back surgery and “Evil D” Dave Vincent on bass. Now before I get started on my review I’m sure the first question is, “Does it sound like World Downfall?”. The quick answer is no, the album is not World Downfall part 2 but it should still educe one to take a listen.

Hordes… starts out with a quick intro then jumps to title track “Hordes of Zombies” with its fast in-your-face guitar riff and machine-gunner drums. The album is fast paced and shows Pete Sandoval returning to form on the drums. Blast beats galore, interesting guitar riffs with solos that further grasp the listener, and of course lets not forget the lyrics about the zombie apocalypse. The production of the album is very good with the only issue I have being that the bass seemed to be drowned out a bit due to the guitars and drums. The cover artwork is decent and depicts zombies of all walks in life including a priest. “Evolving Era” is a track that stood out not just for the razor sharp guitar work but the track trades off between a melodic melancholic sound and a fast paced head banging delight. “A Dying Breed”, “Broken Mirrors”, and “Prospect of Oblivion” are all action packed and show that the band can still pack a punch in the death metal world.

Overall, the tracks are not too long and keep the listener’s attention. The music sounds good but the issues are that the songs sound similar/monotonous and the vocals lacked enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the album is indeed a few steps up from Darker Days Ahead but is nowhere near World Downfall. On a scale of 1-10, Hordes… is a solid 7.5 and the addition of Katina has added new fresh blood to the group’s sound. The album is worth a listen but I think Terrorizer needs to do a bit more work in order to reach the level of its debut.