Greece has been home to some of the extreme bands to enter the music business. VARATHRON, ASTARTE, and one-man band NOCTERNITY are just a few to mention. Greek Black Metal newcomers AMNIS NIHIL have entered the mix with their new 4 track EP Christological Escalation. The band formed in 2008 and Avantgarde Music released this new EP back in September 2011.

The EP comes in at just over 16 minutes which is a good start considering there are only 4 tracks. The band consists of 3 members: A.-Drum Programming/samples, D.-Guitars, P.-Vocals. The first track on the EP is the self titled “Christological Escalation” and it starts out with a fast blistering pace that tears through your mind with fast guitars, faster drums, and screechy black metal vocals…the basic formula for an interesting Black Metal jam. About half way through the song the pace slows down a bit and becomes a more trance inducing piece that serenades the listener. The guitars then begin to guide you into a mental torment of dissonance with some clean vocals that almost become a chant in the background before the song ends with a slow guitar echo/distortion. Thumbs up.

“Wandering Amongst Ruins and Ash” is the next track up to bat. Black Metal Apocalypse theme music is the best way I can describe the track. The track starts out somewhat faster than the previous track but with much faster drums. The wall of sound provided by the guitars is insane and gives the track a life of its own. At times I felt that the vocals were a bit forced/seemed to be out of place in certain parts of the song. Overall an excellent war-inspiring track that provides a good show of the musicianship of the band.

“Radiation” is an instrumental piece and quite an interesting one at that. Starting out with an echoing style guitar and distortion while at the same time having another guitar piece providing a bit of melody just beneath the distortion. The song should be used for a sci-fi movie for sure. About 3/4 through the track the guitar distortion fades with only some single guitar notes before the song fades away to its end.

The final track on the EP is “Infamous Judeochristian Seed”. The track follows up where “Christological Escalation” leaves off and provides some wicked drum programming. The guitars vary in speed from fast to mid pace. At one point the music fades out to provide the vocalist enough time to say a few words without being drowned out by the drums/guitars. Towards the later half of the song the music parts of the guitars slowed down but the drums kept blasting away providing the necessary foundation for a possible return to Blitzkrieg speeds.

This is one hell of a good start for AMNIS NIHIL. The EP is an excellent listen and I give them kudos for including an instrumental on their very first musical release. The Greek Black Metal scene definitely has a new player on the field and be sure to keep an eye out as I can see these guys making some waves in the underground.