New York has some new blood in the forms of DIVIDER (Long Island, NY) and COLONY (Hudson Valley, NY), both bands having a sludge/hardcore sound and both that are making some waves in the underground. Both bands have recently self-released a new split 7 inch EP in 3 different vinyl colors and contains 4 tracks exceeding the 10 minute mark. The artwork for the album is very simple and straight-to-the-point featuring only the band names. Fans of EYEHATEGOD, CONVERGE, CEREMONY, and NEUROSIS should give the album a spin.

First up to bat is DIVIDER with their only track on this EP titled “Tide Lungs”. Right from the start the thick chugging guitars and sludgy drums caught my attention and knew this would be a sick track. The vocals fit the rest of the music very well and the pace of the track is mid-paced with a nice discordant feel to it. Abnegating the speedy thrash sound and no lead guitars/solos while focusing on heavy rhythm guitars along with a feeling that whiskey would best be drunk while listening to this jam. At just over 4 minutes, DIVIDER have really impressed me with this track. I was also informed that Chris T. from metalcore band SKYCAMEFALLING is a member of DIVIDER.

Next up are COLONY for the following and last 3 tracks. The first track “Hourglass” starts out with a fast paced hardcore feel then quickly slows down to a sludge infestation. Distorted chugging guitars, pissed off vocals, and a doomy drum sound are a good mix for this band. Track 3 “Empty Caskets” starts off where “Hourglass” leaves off and starts with a more EYEHATEGOD feel in spewing forth a vat of sludge. The songs gets heavier as it carries through with an intricate crescendoing of the tempo. The track ends just as the crescendo peaks.

Lastly is “Dead Ends” with its fast paced hardcore familiarities. Nicely done and then the track slows down a bit then quickly changes to a more melodic/progressive beat. For some reason the melodic part of the track brought to mind Nachtmystium, I don’t know maybe it was because I had listened to Nachtmystium earlier.

The DYI approach by both bands on releasing this 7 inch EP can be praised as this something I highly recommend people check out. The music speaks for itself and it should be interesting to note what these two bands decide to do for full length albums. Either way it will be something kickass and worth the price of admission if both bands follow the formula that they have shown on this EP.