Kingsport, Tennessee’s Death/Grind newcomers Manic Scum have their first EP coming out entitled Better Left Undead. A total of 7 tracks running at just above the 11 minute mark, this EP has some old school flavor mixed with a bit of doom. I am always looking forward to checking out some old school death/grind/black metal so when I heard about Manic Scum I was very interested in this EP.

The old-Napalm Death/Repulsion/Brutal Truth era influence is oozing on this EP and we start out with a quick jam titled “Wormfood”. The song itself will let you know what you are in for with this band. Blast beats drumming and guitar shredding with some of your typical old school style death vocals to carry the tone through the same tempo throughout the track. The track itself runs at just over a minute.

Track 2 “Undead Rising” has that Obituary “Slowly We Rot” vibe to it with its slow guitar and slow drums starting the jam. Just as quickly as the song starts, the tempo speeds up to about mid tempo. But just as you are getting into the song it ends. I think that is the one thing I have always disliked about grindcore, the tracks end too quick but otherwise this track is pretty cool. “Blood Junkies” is where my interest peaked with this EP. The track has an interesting grindcore/thrash sound and is a killer song that I played over and over. Interesting guitar work with excellent mixing of drums and vocals.

“Haunt of Fear” is where the doomy death aspect checks in and the band slows it down for a few seconds for you Doom fans. “The Chase & The Slaughter” is the shortest track on this EP running at about 40 seconds (yes in old school grindcore fashion of under a minute). “Created To Kill” should be this band’s walking-around-theme. Fast and blistering this track I think would be an excellent single to send out to various college radio stations that have a metal show to help promote the band. An awesome track that makes you want to just get hammered and bash someone else’s house! The final and longest track is “Entombed For Eternity”, a sweet jam that mixes the slow-sludge type of doom sound with the faster paced grindcore intensity.

This EP is a great start for this up and coming band which every fan of old school grind/death should check out. The production was done well and unfortunately I could not comment about the lyrics as I did not get a lyric sheet, but I can assume what the songs were about based on the track title.