Here’s a USBM band that carries the black flame of traditional black metal, full of darkness, melody, and stormy atmospheres like an official occult Olympic Torch out from the depths of somewhere unknown for the last five years to reap new violent metal glories with their S/T EP.

Unlike their prior slaughtering releases ( I do enjoy Sacraments of the Final Atrocity, Channeling the Ethereal Moons, and Tenebrarum…) , the band sounds a bit cleaner and sophisticated with this release, but that’s not to say that they are any less haunting, obliterating, and maniacal. Honestly, it’s more so that the production is cleaner, not the band, but regardless of the what it’s safe to bow in allegiance to one of the forebears of USBM. Right after the majestic intro of “Conjuring” the band literally rips into a torrential downpour of cyclone black metal melodies and blasting riffs and the thunder of battering ram and artillery fire percussion on “ The Antigod”.

“The Antigod” instantly sucks you into this whirlpool of abysmal supernatural mystery and creates this overwhelming, almost Lovecraftian sensation that reminds me of some of the best moments from Limbonic Art minus the symphonic pieces. From this point on the EP continues the spiral into unusually intense and intricate acoustic arpeggios and melodic leads colliding head on and explosively with the angst and aggressive spirit of black metal.

“Lapse” is a great straightforward melodic black metal piece, definitely carries an essence of Dissection (Storm of the Light’s Bane) as it keeps the whipping speed and centripetal guitar motion going but still manages to layer some seriously skilled leads and melodies on top of it all that just pushes the limits of insanity and skill over the fucking cliff!!!!!

Abazagorath has it all right here, that buzzing treble guitar tone with a slight bit of thrash rhythm here and there that keeps things throbbing, the riffs at times really do sound like a barrage of chainsaws due to their sheer aggression and density, and exactly the right amount of everything dark and metal composed and layered what could be a black metal masterpiece. I’d honestly take all four of the main songs on here and any one of them could easily stand on the same throne of blood and steel with metal warlords: Dissection, Emperor, Limbonic Art, Kult ov Azazel, Immortal, and Abigor.