“It’s like killing roaches. You have to kill ‘em all. Otherwise…what’s the use?” – Charles Bronson as Paul Kersey, Deathwish 3

You have to hand it to those among us that have no qualms whatsoever about pulling all the stops and grinning at the thought of the ensuing flood’s cleansing properties. It’s just like Bronson said, if you’re not gonna face the bullshit of life with both fingers completely insane on the trigger, then you might as well throw in the fucking towel. Don’t hold back and don’t pull any punches. If you do, be prepared to feel the proverbial backlash. In today’s world, there’s no room for spinelessness. Either stray from the herd, become a part of it, or make room for reality’s stampede. The same notion can be applied to the realm of music. If a you’re gonna start a band with the sole intention of bringing some unoriginal, cookie-cutter garbage completely void of any attitude or worthwhile substance to the table, maybe you should try getting your day job back with a quickness. The torrent of yawn-inducing sewage is raging rampant in the world of extreme music in this day and age. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s put on a cd, or tried to watch a band unfamiliar to me at a show, and found myself completely lacking interest in anything they have to offer after even a minute or two. Too many seem to be settling. Too many seem to have the mentality that their band is “fuckin’ killer, man” just because they go through the motions and sound like a billion others. Yes, sometimes it seems like the legit contributors are few and far between. But as a witness to the contrary, I’d like to once again point out some true exterminators. A new band unwilling to take no prisoners. It’s time to pay attention! I’m talking about Indianapolis, Indiana’s own sludge-a-holic misfits, Chinaski

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in glorious fashion by Coffinworm guitarist, Carl Byers, at Clandestine Arts Recordings, this three-song demo/ep offering serves as a crusty, thirteen-minute warning siren for Chinaski’s oncoming storm of unholy devastation. Smeared with punk posture and featuring former members of like-minded Indy sludge horde, Tunguska, the members of Chinaski have united to unleash a new brand of sonic destruction by way of a misanthropic sound inspired by depression, anger, and nihilistic chaos. Consider this the  Eyehategod/Converge lovechild…meaning, be prepared to be punished to the fullest extent (in a good way). “Unreasonable Solutions for Unreasonable Problems” is a fine way to ignite the spark of this beast. D-Beat sensibility meets head-on with metallic aggression on this one, with a midway point slowing down allllmost long enough for the listener to catch their breath. Meanwhile, the hellish, echoing screech of vocalist Alfie Shaw, in grand allegiance with dissonant riffs and hammering percussion on “Almost Real, Almost Human” signal that it’s highly likely that you’ll wish it wasn’t over.

What Chinaski have done flawlessly here in three songs, far too many bands couldn’t pull off in a full-length recording if they sold their fucking soul to the goat. Cruelty lives up to its title, in that it offers no mercy for the weak, no room for the seemingly complacent poser crowd, and not a second is wasted in good ol’ ass-kicking. The quartet stands by the claim that their material is “the worst kind of music played by worst kind of people”, which really isn’t something to be ashamed of in any manner. Especially when these dudes are about to kill every goddamn roach they see.

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