Time to take a trip Down Under to Australia and home to Death Metalers DEFAMER. These guys have recently released Decrepit Rituals their follow up to 2009’s Chasm. We get 8 brutal tracks of old school Death Metal that runs over the 35 minute mark. My experience has been that when you listen to a metal band from Australia you are getting some killer material and are in for a good ride. The music on Decrepit Rituals is straightforward and lucid with some interesting twists/turns. Grab some brews and let’s get to this party started.

I will start out with what I liked about this album. The artwork on the cover will be pleasing to the eyes of any metal fan with skulls and impaled carcasses. The songs are written with a plain reminder of what Death Metal is all about…the brutality. The guitar solos are good and not too over-the-top. The guitar riffs do shred and provide an aura of doom in certain songs such as “The End Is His” and “Rain of Bile”. The songwriting on the album is commendable and I can honestly say that these Aussies dig the old Guard of bands from yester year. The slower breakdowns were a nice change from the insane breakdowns of other recent bands I’ve been checking out. Hints of BOLT THROWER/INCANTATION stand out when I listen to this band.

Now for what I did not like about the album. The production was very thin and could have done the music way more justice if the production was better. It’s not a terrible production, but it did hold back the album. The drums were drowned out by the guitars and vocals (especially the bass drums), the drum production needed more of a POP-sound on the bass kicks. Some songs had parts that seemed to drag a bit/sounded like a forced repetition, but were otherwise good. The vocals also tended to lack from the production value, but overall they were still brutal.

DEFAMER have a lot to bring to the table if they can get the right production value and maintain their current musical course. Fans of BOLT THROWER, INCANTATION, and IMMOLATION will really get into this band. The songs on this release are good and have moments of awesomeness. Give the disc a spin and judge for yourself. Lastly, I can only imagine how good of a set these guys play live.