With: Nornagest (lead vocals/guitars) Enthroned

Hail Enthroned! Let’s talk about Obsidium for a moment. How did the songwriting process for this album come about?

“Obsidium” is probably the most spontaneous album Enthroned ever recorded; the whole process from the composition and recording happened in more or less six month, a way to express certain intensity.
The three last albums are following a similar direction but were all of them composed in a very different way, this one being the album on which we asked ourselves the fewer questions, we just puke it out if I can say it like that.

What were some of the ideas you wanted to express or explore with the new album? Are you satisfied with how the album turned out?

We are very satisfied, the album turned out better than we ever hoped. The ideas just followed what the lyrics meant to us as the concept goes deeper than the average, it is the soundtrack of the lyrical content, I just couldn’t explain it better.

Pentagrammaton and Obsidum have a very heavy, evil sound to them, thanks to the studio you constructed for yourselves. Is making music easier now that you have more control over the recording process?

Definitely, having your own studio makes things simpler, we do not have to respect certain working hours or so, everything is happening at the right time and we can just relax when we feel like it, record in the middle of the night if we want to; it makes everything more natural.

What are some of the driving forces and inspirations behind your music?

Our driving force lies just within our inner selves, our faith and what we are living through every day is the unique force behind what we’ve been doing all these years and the more we go the more intense we get.

Late last year, you agreed to a two album contract with Agonia Records, with Obsidium being the first album of the deal. How has the label been treating you and are you satisfied with their support for the band?

Agonia has been very supportive since the very beginning of the band, even if we were not signed with them. This is actually one of the factors that made us to sign a deal with them. Since we signed officially with Agonia we have nothing to complain about, everything has been respected so far and we hope to continue our collaboration as long as things are evolving this way.

Starting with Tetra Karcist, the art for your album covers have all shared common characteristics, as if they are parts to a series. How are these albums conceptually linked?

Yes, “Tetra Karcist” was the starting point of a whole “saga” if I can call it this way. The concept of “Obsidium” can be traced back from “Tetra Karcist”. “Tetra Karcist” is dealing with the reality of occultism how it is, no gimmick, no supposition, how things are within the occult. “Pentagrammaton” retrace experiences, real lived experiences through those doctrines and practices we talked about on “Tetra Karcist”, now with “Obsidium” the concept deals with what we learnt, the achievement we reached in one form or another through those experiences, all written in a way that only people who are actually within the occult circle can understand fully. Some Lyrics were also written by, and co-written by, one relative being Frater Kerval, high priest of a certain Order (by respect of his own will, I will keep it confidential) who gave his external vision of our evolution and achievement through some experiences he is aware of.

2010 saw Enthroned’s first US tour in 9 years, which had a rough start due difficulties in entering the country. Aside from the initial setbacks, was the tour a success? When can we expect your return?

The tour was in its whole a success, we had some weird dates to be honest like in Boise, we played in a pub with an audience of 28 people BUT it surely was one of the most brutal shows, so can it be considered as unsuccessful? I do not think so. 28 maniacs are far better in my eyes than 2000 morons standing looking at you with round eyes.

Speaking of tours, by now you’ve shared the stage with countless bands from all around the world. Are there any bands that you particularly enjoyed sharing your journeys with?

Destroyer 666 was definitely something as we are friends for over a decade and finally being able to tour together was something definitely special. Same goes for Gorgoroth (I mean the real Gorgoroth!) we are people who are on the same level of understandings in general so it made our dates together very pleasant.

What country stands out as having the most die-hard Enthroned fans?

Well, there is a few, I’m not gonna list all the south/ latin American countries so I’ll just say the sub part of the American continant as well as Canada, Russia as far as shows are concerned but also in places we never been to like Asia, we have a strong following over there as well.

As veterans of the black metal underground, you’ve watched the scene evolve over the years. How exactly has the scene changed from when you first started out?

Everything is way more accessible nowadays than back then, before you had to lurk and search to find certain bands, now everything is available on the internet. That can be a good thing as well as a bad thing, everyone think they know what it is to do or make such a band and you have BM band spopping up everywhere until a new trend emerges then they jump from one wagon to another, but isn’t that the whole story of metal in general? But luckerly you still have good, dedicated bands who knows what it is do this kind of band, who knows that you must have a reason to create such a group and not because you are a fan of Marduk or Burzum…

What bands or kinds of music hold your interest these days?

I’m a very eclectic person; I can’t stay home and listen the same kind of music again and again. So you will find as much metal, than classical music, ambient, ritual etc… I enjoy Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds as much as I love Archgoat or Abhorer. Lately, I listen a lot to Necros Christos, Krypts, Black Crucifixion, Nick Cave, The Pogues and Suicide Commando.

What sort of hobbies or passions do you have outside of music?

I teach Occult sciences to a very selected amount of people, write, hiking and go out to concerts.

What’s in store for Enthroned in the near future? World domination, maybe?

Sure is haha! At the moment we focus on the new album, the release, concerts etc…We will start soon to plan as well a special release for our 20 years of existence.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! The final words are yours.

Thank you for the interview!