Tucson sludgesters Methra return with 5 tracks of thick-as-a-brick misanthropy on this self-titled EP. Although the album offers little in terms of cover art and liner notes, the four piece makes up for this slight with clear production and menacing atmosphere to please fans of bluesy dirges everywhere.

The most prominent feature of this release is the use of an odd feel to the rhythms. As far as I could tell, no 7/8 time signatures were utilized, but the band did at times stray from the standard 4/4 driving progression. The dark melodies, combined with bluesy guitar work on ‘U Series’ is a dead ringer for Danzig’s ‘Pain in the World’ but not so much that it doesn’t stand on it’s own as the album’s longest and most progressive song. ‘Heavier Things’ and album opener ‘Xipe Totec’ are both all-you-can-eat guitar riff buffets, satisfying all who care to wait in line.

Melody and thoughtful guitar tones ring throughout the Methra EP, making good use of song structure as opposed to a 12 minute feedback solo in the name of ‘doom’. ‘Argon’ shines as a prime example of this, opening with a clean guitar arpeggio before quickly erupting into an aggressive front that changes shapes without losing any intensity or cohesion. I only wish for a lyric sheet so I can begin to enjoy the vocals, which are unfortunately too monotone and stagnant from track to track to offer anything¬†extraordinary.

All in all, a great release for this solid band. Get your bandcamp version below: