Svartsyn are one of those triumphant and long running black metal cults that never seem to wane to lame trends or flatten with time, and with this re-release of The True Legend, this album is not only serious inferno of melodic and solid black metal, but it is a slightly modified and improved upon version of this sound storm of an album. In all seriousness, I tend to be very anal and snotty when it comes to my tastes in black metal,as it’s always been one of my oldest loved styles but it is also ultimately defined by the “feel” created more so than anything else which is why imposters are so easily spotted, so when a modern black metal release comes my way I tend to be aversive and reluctant toward reviewing it.

In the case of Svartsyn, this SOB was devirginized during a strenuous workout and resulted in my breaking my record in deadlift loads and bench presses from the ignition of adrenaline and “slaughter” mode, which in adrenaline junkie lingo translates into “an essential primal strength fix”. For starters, the entire album is a rhythmic menace that really brings a smooth and addictive riff against percussion punch out with that metallic punk “Fuck You” vibe that breeds adrenaline and unbridled energy. The production is also very clean, you can actually hear the steady drum beats beneath the blaze of melodic shredding riffs and chainsaw buzzes, it’s it’s almost three dimensional, but never-the-less the sound and atmosphere is a blazing middle finger and a sucker punch with a sledgehammer so there’s no lessening of fire power due to sophistication.

Last year I was completely ripped on Wrath Upon The Earth and now here with TTL, and several releases, one of which will include material from their bestial birth as Challice, so if you really want a great shredding, brutal, and melodic black metal album that will challenge your heart rate and testosterone levels then you’d better get slammed head on by Svartsyn!!!!! The True Legend is a massive thrill ride for the headbanger from track to track so prepare to freefall into mayhem and loud drunken blitzing chaos.