Finland’s Vuohi has been hard at work in the past couple of years. So far, they have released two demos: Total Noise Chaos (2007), and The Rising Era Of Goat (2010), as well as a split album with Gasmask Violence¬† titled Hatred United (2011). It’s been a while since the aforementioned The Rising Era of Goat was released, but better late than never is my attitude towards getting to do this review since I just recently got my hands on the cd.

The music starts out with “The Rising Era of Goat” a hyperblast assault that can only be described as a hurricane of blackened grind with a hint of thrash. Chugging guitars, machine gunner drums, and vocals of a possessed lunatic spells for an enthusiastic first impression of Vuohi to me. The music was so fast and hit me like a sledgehammer that the track was over before I knew it. I had to check the song track to make sure it did indeed move on to track two, to which I had to hit replay and get another listen to track one. Track two, “Blood on All” leans towards more of a death metal vibe, the chaotic assault is still there, but this time the guitars had a bit more melody while maintaining the brutality. The drums really stand out here like a vegetarian sandwich at a barbeque joint. The production on this demo is pretty good, while I did notice that the bass and kick drums were drowned out by the guitars but still listenable.

“Wulf” has circle pit written for the crowd. The song is what a metal song should be with its changing tempos and intricate melodic parts. The downside to the song is that it is way too short at just over a minute and a half. The track, if extended to be at a three or four minute mark, would be only that much better. “Flame” has hints of Dissection-like guitar work in certain parts of the song, and provides a wall of sound while maintaining a good melody. “The Name of the Newborn God/Grave Down Again” is a thrashy jam that reminds me of Motorhead and Exodus simultaneously, just a good old fashion kickass track.

A total of ten tracks that run just under twenty-two minutes, this is an audio assault of pain that will provide a soundtrack to your next nightmare. Vuohi are not reinventing the wheel here, but they sure do add their etched mark on the blackened grind/thrash. The band is both brutal and the record provides glimpses at a band that not only can give you the necessary speed, but also keeps you intrigued to listen to the next track. Check this demo out if you get a chance, I know I’ll be looking forward to checking out their previous demo and split album.