In my honest opinion, if it’s on Emanes Metal then it’s already a safe and secure metal venture, but a classic thrash styled band with black metal influences that’s a solo act from a man with allegiances to such prominent acts as Lord, Unholy War, and Excruciate 666, this I HAD to hear and it’s another one that’s been on constant play for weeks now. Much of the album is clearly classic thrash with nods to Kreator and Destruction, definitely some Bay Area influence which really hits you in the gut on “Branded and Exiled” but carried over into something less cliché than simple regurgitation of that sound and atmosphere with early Bathory like black metal vocals.

The reason this album is so essential lies in its energy and versatility. Silvere Catteau brings together all of his favorite metal flavors into this cocktail that ranges anywhere from majestic black metal that’ll challenge die hards of Dissection and Emperor to throw up some serious hails to with the masterpiece of “Evil Inside of Me”. The instant that “Evil Inside of Me” came up on the album there was no doubt in my mind and infernal soul that this amazing black metal track was not only the final nail in my coffin in terms of finalizing my decision on the album being one of the top releases of the year, but it’s THE perfect blend of early Bathory, Celtic Frost, some death/black thrash via Possessed, the majestic and epic darkness of Emperor and Dissection, that makes this track an incredible surprise and MUST HEAR!!!!!! The thrash tones on the guitar remain throughout, never leaning toward the buzzing black metal tones, the riffs continually blend thrash energy with some cleaner early death metal weight, but yet the track is distinctly black metal, just not by today’s lowered standards.

Okay, now that we’ve got the back metal elephant out of the room lets get back to the equally amazing tracks on here such as “Killing Grounds”. “Killing Grounds” is essentially Quorthon doing a Kreator cover, the classic gritty black metal vocal style of Venom/Bathory/Celtic Frost with a chaotic and distinct black thrash assault that is completely memorable and unique because it will challenge your heart as it kicks you into “fight-or-flight-killing mode”. The rhythms and lyrics just get this track under your skin and into the bloodstream like a steroid injection and sends you into uncontrolled asskicking fiend in several seconds.

There’s too much to say about such a massive stab to gut like Armageddon, each track is a serious anthem of blackened thrash that will get your reptilian brain pulsing as you want nothing more than to play it louder and go rogue and crazed like a violent lunatic on methamphetamines. “I am You Torment” and the classic assault of thrash cyclone “Shadow of the Beast” are definitely not for weak ears and cardiovascular system, the energy alone is enough to trigger seizures and cardiac arrest. All of this combined with the fact that this is one dude doing all the work!!!!!!! How can that not be amazing!!!!?