Death Hails to Draconis Infernum! ‘Rites of Desecration & Demise’ has been out for some time on CD and the Vernal Equinox will see the pro cassette version unleashed on Forbidden Records! Give the maniacs some verbal abuse about this crushing release!

Ave! Thanks for taking the time to interview us. Our second full length, Rites of Desecration & Demise was released last year on 6/6/11 through Hass Weg Productions (France). This release contains 9 songs including a bonus Bathory track featuring Xaphan of Kult Ov Azazel on guest vocals.

This is your second full length, yes? Or do you consider 2008’s ‘Death in My Veins’ to be an EP? What has changed since that first release, now almost four years ago? What is still the same?

Yes, Rites of Desecration & Demise is the second full length we released last year. We considered Death in My Veins a full length as the total running time was close to half an hour and therefore we consider it a full length.

As compared to Death in My Veins, Rites has a variety of different tempos. On Rites of Desecration & Demise, we have more ‘straight to the face’ songs such as Armored Legion, Chaos Infinity and The Grand Conjuration something that was not present in Death in My Veins.

The musical delivery on ‘Rites…’ is relentless! Furious black fucking metal delivered with a solid production…Give us some reflections on the album now that you have released it. Are there things you would do differently if given the opportunity or things that you will avoid repeating on the next album?

I was pretty happy with the overall production of the album Rites of Desecration & Demise, however if there was one thing I would or could change, it would be the to have the drums sound more natural and to minimize the use of triggers or if possible, no triggers.

‘Rites…’ includes a cover of Bathory’s ‘Satan, My Master’ with guest guitar and vocals from Xaphan of Kult ov Azazel. How did this relationship come about with the legendary USBM ‘Kult’?

We met Xaphan in Singapore in 2009 when he was on tour with Malevolent Creation. We were really surprised to find out he was the soundman of Malevolent Creation and prior to that our current vocalist Serberuz Hammerfrost had been in contact with Xaphan and been writing to each other for some years and hence the connection was already there.

With so many great Bathory songs to choose from, why did you choose ‘Satan, My Master’? What meaning does it hold for you and Draconis Infernum?

All of us are big fans of Bathory and always wanted to do a Bathory cover. ‘Satan My Master’ was a personal favorite and was one of the first few songs I heard many years back and held meaning to me on a personal level so I chose that song.

The tape version of ‘Rites…’ that Forbidden Records is releasing also includes a rehearsal version of the title track, the likes of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Are there more rehearsal versions of these tracks? Why did you choose to have a more professional and polished sound versus the more harsh and raw rehearsal versions?

Yes, we do have a few rehearsal tracks here and there. We usually record some of our rehearsals just before we enter the recording studio to take a listen to the overall song to see if we’re satisfied with it. Some of these rehearsal recordings appear on the Proclamation of Encroachment single. I guess it was just a matter of preference, nothing against the harsh raw sound. I think that it’s easy to achieve the raw and harsh sound these days and so I chose to have a more polished sound.

Tell us about your songwriting style or method. Who writes the songs? Is it done as a group or individually? How does this all find its way onto what we hear? Is the recording process incorporated into writing as well?

The riffs are all written by me individually over a span of time. The process is such that I will show the rest of the guys what riffs I have come up with during rehearsals, then try to work something out for the drums riff by riff and then from there we join it altogether. That’s pretty much the process.

You had released a two track mini album, ‘Proclamation of Encroachment’, that also included the track ‘Vengeance Unto Thee’, both from the ‘Rites…’ album. Are these tracks the same versions we hear on the full length? What was the motivation for this mini-release (for lack of a better term)?

The purpose of it was to give our fans a preview of the upcoming album as it took a bit longer than expected to complete the album. The Proclamation of Encroachment song on that single was just a rough mix and contained a few hidden bonus rehearsal tracks so it was not just 2 tracks as listed.

‘Rites…’ features the artwork of legend Sickness 666, where as ‘Death…’ had a completely different style of artist create the cover. Tell us how the visual aspect of Draconis Infernum is summoned. What do you envision when you hear your own music? Does it vary, song by song and album by album?

The artwork for Death in My Veins was done by our friend Mike Priest who also did guest vocals on the self titled song. For Rites of Desecration & Demise, we got in touch with Sickness 666 as his works were simply amazing.

When I listen to my own music, I tend to be a little more critical of it. What really runs though my mind when I listen to my own music is the pre-production effort from the time that I start to write the songs to rehearsing them and whatever goes on in the studio. There is nothing too philosophical about it.

Draconis Infernum is from Singapore, as are legends Impiety. Tell us about the land you are from and how it has influenced your music. When most think of Black Metal, their mind only conjures images of dark mountains and frozen forests in Scandinavia…

Being from Singapore, the local scene is pretty diversified when it comes to metal. To name a few we have the older bands such as Abhorer, Nuctemeron, Rudra and of course Impiety which everyone would know of.

Personally, we are not that heavily influenced by any of the bands where we come from. Our influences are more European and I think it’s apparent in our music. To me, black metal is a about a certain type of feeling which is indescribable. I do not think of dark mountains and forests in Scandinavia.

Tell us about your songs, lyrics and philosophy. Do you have certain ideas that you wish to address when writing or do they just come to you as you create?

Some of the lyrical aspects involve mainly elements such as DEATH, DESTRUCTION, HATRED, MISANTHROPHY and individualism in the sense of self worship. We deny all those false and senseless religious garbage that our world is infected with for the longest time. We defy whatever the sheep and fools are told to follow.

What are some of the bands you enjoy listening to in the underground?

There are too many, but just to name a few at hand at present that comes first to my mind would be, SVARTTJERN, IMPIETY, VENOM, JUDAS ISCARIOT.

Share with us your opinion on the current state of black metal, with everyone awash in online profiles, mp3 sharing and mall metal garbage.

Times have changed as compared to the 90s where tape trading was how music was spread. Either you keep up with times or get left behind. I would say that mp3 sharing online is today’s equivalent of tape trading. But of course, it has its pros and cons, if you like the music you should buy the band’s merchandise to show your support and not download it for free.

As for the mall metal garbage, fuck that shit! I need not comment on that.