Singapore’s war mongers IMPIETY have set Ravage and Conquer as the title for their newest album. The 7 new tracks and a cover of BATHORY’s “Sacrifice” make up the 48 plus minutes of this Blackened Death Metal slab of sickness. These guys have to be one of the hardest working bands today with their relentless touring schedule and releasing albums almost on a yearly basis (their previous effort Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny was released in 2011). The artwork on here is awesome; you have a Baphomet sitting upon a throne decked out with bullet belts, machine gun, and holding an upside down crucifix. The fallen angel has certainly a score to settle and with it IMPIETY help preach the gospel.

Right off the bat you will notice that there is yet another lineup change in the band (shocker I know). Musically, Ravage & Conquer follows the same tried and true recipe of delivering blistering fast guitars and thundering drums at 20000000 bpm. The album picks up the trail from Worshippers and delivers ferocity. At times the music tends to drag towards the end on some tracks but nonetheless the tracks keep you motivated for domination. “Revelation Decimation” and “Weaponized” are solid stand out tracks that showcase the band’s intensity with tremolo crazed riffs. Melodies are certainly more noticeable on this album and do show a band that is progressing in the right direction. “Legacy of Savagery” is pure drumming madness from start to finish. Drummer Dizazter sounds primed and able to maintain the intense drum chaos required for the band. Shyaithan’s vocals are also noticeably different this time around going for more of a straightforward rough approach. Lastly, the cover of BATHORY’s “Sacrifice” is done in a nice fashion that show’s IMPIETY paying tribute to one of the godfather’s of Black Metal. The song is sped up and provides a new spice of life to the song ala IMPIETY style.

Working off their well polished recipe of fast war metal and intricate songwriting IMPIETY have truly become contenders for the throne that was left vacant by the mighty ANGELCORPSE. The band seems to be getting tighter and better with their songwriting but the main question that I ponder is will releasing an album on a yearly basis ‘water down’ the music to the point that it becomes bland? I guess time will tell, until then check out the new release and ponder for yourself. For more info: