It is truly a great day for mankind indeed. We finally get a proper, and very classy, re-release of one of Norwegian black metal’s finest hours. Having been out of print since its release in 1996 on Solistitium Records (R.I.P.), this was one of those albums that was nothing short of legendary to the point of almost being mythical. Well now we’re lucky enough to have the chance to embrace it once again, albeit limited to 1,000 copies. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, snooze on this!

Raw, dark, fast, and right up there with Transilvanian Hunger (yes kids, it really is that damn good!) in production value and intent, “Dark Waters Stir” crushes souls and leaves them for fertilizer. What’s more, we also get the three tracks from their self-titled 1995 7 inch, whose artwork serves as the cover for this re-release as opposed to the original releases mere black logo on a white background. Kyrck Productions & Armour (handcrafters of fine chainmail as well) has finally done this release justice, another excellent piece of work in their repertoire of amazing re-release of older classics, showing just how much a labor of love physical media is to them. It’s extremely rare nowadays for a label to have EVERY single release be worth spending currency on, and Kyrck goes the extra mile with each, so show them the respect and gratitude they deserve!

To conclude, I’ve waited very patiently for this to once again be available, and when I spotted it, I jumped on it regardless of my car having gas in the tank or not. It’s about as great as late-90s black metal gets, and a representation of a bygone era in the Norwegian black metal¬†scene that so fell from grace at the turn of the century. You best believe I am smiling, big! (FA)