Out of the ashes of Conqueror came Revenge at the turn of the century, and each subsequent release has been some of the most bellicose and savage blackdeath with a raw and devastating feel totally unique to the band. War-obsessed and completely misanthropic in nature, the band is now solely spearheaded by J. Read with Vermin of the amazing Axis of Advance and Sacramentary Abolishment (R.I.P. both, and definitely seek them out!) as a session member on all strings after the departure of underground stalwart and genius philosopher Peter Helmkamp.
Those of you familiar with the band know the drill all too well, as it follows the same formula as prior releases, with somewhat minimalist cover art, a three word album title and song titles revolving around pretty much annihilating anything and everything in sight. So if you’ve been down this road before, it is just as comfortable and familiar as it ever was. There is simply nothing so pummeling and so frantically nuts like the barrage of noise Revenge unleashes with each album.
If you crave (as I always do!) that harsh, cacophonous sound come to often be described as “bestial black/death metal”, then this album delivers on all levels. Revenge has never, ever disappointed, and joins the ranks of several Canadian bands that pay their own unique homage to the sound Blasphemy perfected all those years ago, and they deserve every ounce of respect and praise that can very easily be heaped upon them. Take the plunge on this one and enjoy your trip further down into the abyss! (FA)