We recently received a double-whammy from Canada’s Ross Bay Cult scene, showcasing some of the most extreme blackdeath bands from British Columbia and also across the pond. For the uninitiated, this long-running horde of maniacs are purveyors of only the darkest, utterly bestial, and most brutal assaults known to man. For the initiated, these two releases will do nothing short of please your rabid thirst for only the finest sounds of the underground! Most other scenes simply pale in comparison, hands down! Now let us delve deeper:

PROCLAMATION – NETHER TOMBS OF ABADDON The first devastating release we’ll sink our teeth into is Proclamation’s fourth full-length. Hailing from Spain, their sound will certainly appeal to worshippers of Blasphemy and Black Witchery with their blinding fast and hypersonic whirlwind of blackdeath butchery. Oh, and they also like taking photos in graveyards, much like the aforementioned acts.Eagle-eared listeners will catch some odes to Beherit within also. I’m just not going to reveal exactly where. “Nether Tombs of Abaddon” definitely hits its mark with raging and vile blackdeath that makes other acts attempting to emulate a similar sound simply pale in comparison. If it’s The Devil you wish to summon, Proclamation will lead you down the right path. With a solid history behind them now, there’s much to praise upon this release, and I look forward all others to come!

ANTICHRIST – SACRAMENT OF BLOOD The real gem of the two releases, and much more than just for novelty purposes, is this, theone and only release ever from Canada’s Antichrist. Recorded live in 1994, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that this is from that long ago, as it sounds crystal clear and razor sharp and certainly anything BUT dated! Finally mixed and mastered recently, this amazing release is now available to all for their own morbid perusal! The odes to and association with Blasphemy should be glaringly obvious, and rightfully so. Insanely fast and cruel, it’s a feast for your morbid senses from beginning to end. Mere words don’t even do it justice! It’s when older releases like this get unearthed and treated with the dignity and respect they deserve later on that someone like me is truly happy. Trust me, you’d be remiss to snooze on this one, it’s a time capsule definitely worth cracking open! (FA)