Summoned from black pits of swirling and chaotic hatred, Aquelarre Zine is an iron-fist in the face of non-believers who are quick to cry that print is dead while blogging about nothing on their iPad.

Issue 12 is nothing less than what has come to be expected from this Peruvian legend. Large, high quality pages with sick graphics and mean-as-fuck bands, demo, zine and CD reviews are assaulting the reader here on all levels. Be prepared for a war with Temple of the Maggot, Ominous Crucifix, Demonic Cremator, Troops of Terror, Morbid Flesh, Non Serviam, Profaner and tons more! Issue 12 is entirely in fucking spanish, so I had muy poquito ability to read many of the articles. Nonetheless, extreme metal transcends all language and spits in the face of anyone who dares to say otherwise.

Issue 13 is entirely in English, offering up copious amounts of reviews and interviews just as before. The dreadful pages are filled with the same horrifying artwork I believe is courtesy of Pure Evil Artworks. Satan’s Host, Mordaz, Entrapment, Divine Codex, Kult ov Azazel, Ritual, Maax, Old Temple and tons

of other punishing metal maniacs grace the pages of #13! Reviews of full length CDs and self-dubbed demos are abound, as well as advertisments from labels soliciting propaganda from all corners of the world. Xeroxed, stapled, sometimes fuzzy, always in broken-fucking-English, Aquelarre Zine hit the coffin nail on the head with their print madness!