Sacrilegious Impalement goes way back to 2005. Founding member Impaler Von Bastard (guitars, bass and main song-writer) enlisted Hellwing (vocals and lyrics) and completed the line-up with Exordium’s drummer, Revenant. The trio released a demo, EP, mini album, and were featured on a few compilations before their debut full-length. Though I have heard their first full length album “Cultus Nex,” I did not find it to my expectations. And, on hearing about their latest release, I was but left to wonder whether history would repeat itself with “Exalted Spectres.” But, I am glad to report, it was completely different to my perception about this band as I enjoyed this album a lot.

In short it is a simple and straight forward album. The intro track is a very good start to the album as the solo guitar picks up in time with the furious vocals howling to the full length of the track; and the drums being utilized to the max. The track “Blessed to Resist” starts with an unusual chant, with a sudden burst of guitaring taking the center stage – truly a fantastic song structure. There are a lot of melodic touches although the pace of this song is very fast.

There are many formula-driven tracks in this album in terms of guitar playing style and blast beats. It is hard to pick a stand-out track. But given an option, “Wolves of the Black Moon” would be my choice to take us to another level. It is a very catch song with good pace. The drumming is fast and the vocals are powerful. This track reminds me of bands like Lord Belial, Dark Funeral etc. Von has done a great job on the guitars and the vocals of Hellwing are amazing. The drumming of Revenant is very progressive but in some tracks he takes a back seat. I am led to believe that he could have gone further; but that does not affect the album’s power.

Approaching this album, I hoped for some progression. I was not disappointed! While still not a very original album, musically, this album is a fusion of a lot of black metal bands. Overall there are a lot of blasting drums and melodic riffs; with plenty of dissonant yet gorgeous chords and tremolo pickings. The production seems to be good and it is worth one listen. You may not become a great fan of this band but I can assure you will not be disappointed with a spin….