After doing a review of their The Rising Era Of Goat, the guys in VUOHI mailed me a copy of their latest offering Hatred United. The album is a split with fellow Finlanders GASMASK VIOLENCE that was released in 2011. Evenly broken up, the first four tracks are from GASMASK VIOLENCE and last four are from VUOHI (three of which are covers). I was eager to check out this release based on my previous VUOHI review.

GASMASK VIOLENCE is a new band for me and I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. Musically these guys offer the Punk/Pseudo-Rockabilly/Beer-n-roll style of music that would easily fit with the TANKARD/MOTORHEAD crowd. The songs are catchy and given the right production work I think would sound that much better. Song titles such as “Generation Overdose”, “Machine Gun Church”, “Gimme Gimme Some Napalm”, and “Heavy Metal is Dangerous” can give you a quick insight about what the band is about. These guys are not reinventing the wheel and are following a formula that has shown favorable outcome from other acts. The band takes a big nose dive with their vocalist. I don’t know if the guy was just way too hammered when it came down to recording but it seems as if they guy is either purposely doing a bad job or he truly just is this bad. Either way I think the band would have much more potential if they fixed the issue by replacing the vocalist. Lyrically the songs are simplistic/run-of-the-mill drinking/punk style and get straight to the point which matches the music.

Now time to focus on the Blackened Death crew that is VUOHI. As mentioned earlier of the four tracks, three are covers. I was very surprised that three covers were done, I guess I am just used to the one-cover song per album mentality. Nonetheless, “Retaliation” is the original offered here and from the get go the track crushes. Hyperblasting drums, shredding guitar work and an overall feel of insanity is shown on this track. The vocals sounded drowned out and a bit strained as compared to what I heard previously on their The Rising Era of Goat. Still, the song has its merits and keeps your head banging. This is a great direction that VUOHI is heading and I’m sure their next release will be nothing short of awesome. The covers are provide the proper justice needed in a good manner while adding the VUOHI-touch and provide the homage to LAMA, IMPALED NAZARENE, and GG ALLIN & THE SCUMFUCS.

The split is a good way for new fans to get introduced to VUOHI, especially since the covers provide a good foundation and reference point for the new listener. While the beer chugging ways of GASMASK VIOLENCE kept my attention, they need to focus on fixing their vocalist issue.