Monthly Archive:: June 2012

Comatose Music Feature

Comatose Music Label Feature This one-man operation has been around for a few years now, how long exactly? I’m not sure about right off hand, but it’s about ten years or so. This small DIY label is hopefully familiar to some of you out there as they have released some of the best brutal death [&hellip

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Poisonous – Perdition’s Den

Perdition’s Den is one of those death metal albums form which you know from the first few seconds of the album that it’s a brutal fucking mess and will remain to reign in blood and septic flesh for it’s entirety!! “Subterranean Rules” opens this album with a doomy and filthy vehement stench of violence and [&hellip

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Black Crow King

How would you describe the music of Black Crow King to the uninitiated? Give us an introduction, of sorts… I would describe it as raw, experimental, blackened doom. I suppose it could be compared a bit to a mix of bands like Khanate, Atavist and Moss with Gnaw Their Tongues. It has even been described [&hellip

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