Yes, this is album is a blend of thrash, death, and black metal to be sure. The thrash influence is especially prominent in tracks like “Engraved in the Book of Death” and the title track to name a couple. If you can imagine what it would be like to have claws of the fallen himself shredding your face into a bloody pulp, that’s kind of the feeling the vocals of Sathanas invoke (hurts so good…). Thanks to Jim Strauss, the drums are furious and there are plenty of blast-beats to keep most metal heads satisfied.

La Hora de Lucifer’ is a bit different than their previous full-length album, ‘Nightrealm Apocalypse’ (2009)— “different” meaning that Nightrealm Apocalypse has more of a black metal twist and goes back to their root sound as heard in ‘Black Earth.’ The only real issue I have with this album is it seems a bit too repetitive riff-wise and “groovy” at times. Hints of breakdowns can be heard here and there throughout the album and they are slightly awkward. “Hammer of Demons” and “Battle of Bewitchment” (around 1:30) is the kind of thing I am talking about. In my opinion, when these semi-breakdowns occur, it is a bit out of place and does not help the raging black-metal momentum that Sathanas is completely capable of conjuring up.

However, don’t let my earlier remarks deter you too much. This album is most certainly worth a listen. Part of what makes ‘La Hora de Lucifer’ impressive is the “live” vibe that it radiates. I imagine the pits to some of these songs will be brutal beyond belief. I close my eyes and I feel transported to the hot, humid, miserable, dark locale which is the concert venue packed from wall-to-wall with beer and blood soaked metal heads. Being in a far less entertaining environment than a metal show, yet still having the ability to go into a blind rage and beat the nearest person relentlessly the second you press ‘play’ is reason enough to go out and buy this album, is it not? As I mentioned before, Sathanas blends the genres, and fairly well, though from the humble perspective of a simple listener, I would recommend Sathanas continue forging ahead on the aggressive black and speedy thrash metal path leaning away from the death metal inspirations. All in all, when considering whether or not you should spend your time and money listening to and/or purchasing this album, consider these keywords: energy, savagery, tumult, and intensity!