A show of hands of who remembers the band USURPER. Well for those of you looking to get your fill of old school Blackened/Thrash look no further than ex-USURPER vocalist Rick Scythe’s new band SCYTHE. The band has just released their full length album BEWARE THE SCYTHE and it brings a breathe of fresh air of metal to the lungs.

Mastermind Rick Scythe has brought his CELTIC FROST fueled mentality into a new form and with full force. I got in touch with Rick and he quickly sent me the album to check out.

Lead off track “The Iron Witch” just jumps into the action with an in-your-face blast of heavy guitars and thrash-worship at its best. There is never a dull moment on this cd as it is just a head banger’s wet dream come true. The production is just flat out killer on this as you can clearly hear every instrument but at times it does feel as if the vocals are a notch louder than the rest of the music. I can only imagine what a kickass show this band brings live, if not only for its rich USURPER history then for its modern injection of thrash it brings to the table.

The music has a mixed variety of thrash, black metal, death metal, and some groove as well that keeps the listener interested and makes sure that each song does have its own identity instead of sounding like the previous track. “Beware The Scythe” and “Opus Dei of the Dead” were two of my favorite jams on this album. The slow mid pace of “Opus…” was a nice change to the insanity of blistering guitar riffs. The guitar solos were a nice touch as well on the song giving it an appendage of its own.

SCYTHE are kicking ass and taking names with this release. Hails to Rick Scythe, as he has not lost a step and seems to be progressively moving forward musically while maintaining true to his Thrash roots. He has assembled a good set of musicians to spread his gospel and from the sound of things he really knows what he wants out of this band. I imagine that if/when SCYTHE go on tour the crowd would go nuts. For fans of USURPER, check out the Chicago band BONES which consists of ex-USURPER members as well and packs as much nuclear powered punch. In summation, make sure to pick up this album ASAP and be ready to rock out.