About at the same exact time as I went to play this album and start to write this review, a thunder and lightning exhibition began. So whilst I’m sitting in front of my window watching this storm I’ll listen to this new Nuclear War Now! release. A label that has a tendency to mesh well with this kind of magnitude.

The split initiates with three songs from Adversarial. It all starts with a luring tone on their song “Swirling Chaos that Swallows Horizons.” The song barrages into deranged turbulence that shows Adversarial matches up with what is expected from Canadians playing metal, as it is quite the entity to live up to.

On “Into the Waning of Twilight’s Death Ocean” the fury is heard more-so in the fast blasts but an intriguing guitar tone is kept. The track sounds malicious as fuck while speeding up and slowing down. It may be fate that I am hearing this album for the first time during a mega-storm.

The last song by Adversarial on the album, “Spiraling Towards the Ultimate End” continues with disarray and atrocious growls. I find that Adversarial’s strongest track is right here. The guitar is prevailing and frightening. The song is mysterious and gives off a feeling of anguish.

I hold expectations for Antediluvian. Last time around they did not disappoint. “Force of Suns of Adversary” starts out loudly and rapidly. Just to crush us all, continuing into those repugnant vocals that irk you while the guitars slow down and it just stops. Accelerating again, the song exhibits so much turmoil without being messy. I think that this may be their strongest song on the album. This is the best song on the album thus far.

“Dissolution Spires” seeps in with some feedback approaching into loud noise. That evil guitar is really making the song. The growls are deep and fierce. It’s a shame that we’ll only get three songs out of Antediluvian this time around. The progression that this band has shown amongst their releases is undeniable and it makes me anticipate so much more.

This is a song that just made think “fuck yes!” when it began. “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (I Am That I Am)” continues the grim and malicious running that is occurring here.

In the end, I am so glad that I checked out this album. It wasn’t really something I would have thought twice about listening to but it’s full of repulsive vocals and gave me a revolting feeling in “a good way.” Antediluvian wins this one but Adversarial gets a hell-load of praise as well. Awesome fucking split. NWN! comes through again.