Hails to fucking DEATHHAMMER! Onward to the Pits has been out for a few months now, how are things going for DEATHHAMMER since the album’s release?

Sadomancer: Things are good. We are working on our upcoming album and there will be some split-releases coming in the near future so you better watch your back.

I read an interview with you mentioning the album recording was a long, drawn-out process that did not sound pleasant. What was the problem, was the studio not prepared for Full Moon Sorcery? Whatever it was, the album kills!

Sadomancer: Haha, it was pleasant allright. It just took so fucking long because when we first got together (we then lived 6 hours from each other) we were busy with everything else except recording (drinking and listening to music mainly) so thats why it took so long. The studio is located in my basement-apartment so its very easy torecord stuff, its just that recording stuff aint that fun.

What ideas did you have in mind before you started writing and recording?

Sadomancer: Nothing in particular, we just made riffs when the inspiration was there. I rarely think about our how our music should sound, I just play the guitar and riffscomes out.

2012 has also seen the release of a 12” split you share with Brazil’s NOSFERATU on Heavy Forces Records! An awesome album with varying styles of classic metal madness, how did the split come about? Did you know NOSFERATU previously?

Sadomancer: Yeah I liked them from before so when they asked if we wanted to do a split it was an easy decicion. Perfectly happy with how the split came out, both musicand packaging and everything., just too bad I gave away most of the splits on a drunken night in sweden right after we got em. Had to sell my personal copy too becauseI was broke, argh! The split is coming on cd on hells headbangers soon by the way, and maybe tape.

Everyone seems to take notice of your logo appearing on the Darkthrone album FOAD. Whose patches do you wear on your jacket and whose logo would you support on an album cover similar to what Darkthrone did for you and why?

Sadomancer: I dont think I have met anyone who have said they checked us out because of the Darkthrone-cover but if anyone did – great, as long as they listen to themusic and judge for themselves and not only likes us because Darkthrone says its cool. Haha, I always get a bit embarassed by “patch-questions” but I proudly wear patchesof many of my favorite bands, everything from Beherit to Gunnar Graps Group. Hmm, maybe Condor or Furze. Condor because it is up and coming and their last EP killsand Furze because although they (or him) have been active for many many years I feel Furze still is very underrated, and the two last albums are better than ever!

Like Darkthrone, DEATHHAMMER works as a duo, but you take the time to perform live. Which do you feel is a more accurate depiction of the DEATHHAMMER sound, stage or studio?

Sadomancer: Nothing can beat listening to the albums of any band in my opinion, but some bands you just got to see live. I also like to play live and feed off the energy and go wild. Where there is people, there can be blood.

I just order my DEATHHAMMER T-Shirt today, the red one with Onward to the Pits cover art. Who is responsible for this demonic figure amongst the flames of hell? Was it an image you had conceptualized?

Sadomancer: Eduard Johnson was the man behind it and I told him to draw a demon dwelling in the pits of hell and the cover came out perfect. He is also doing the coverfor our upcoming album.

By the way, who am I talking with? Give me a short introduction with band responsibilities and a brief but exciting history of the band and why DEATHHAMMER was formed!

Sadomancer: I am Sadomancer and I mainly pound the drums but on Onward to the pits I also play the guitars and bass on ca. half of the songs + vox on Final black massso I guess I will do things like that on the next album too, depends on who is the most sober. Haha, you ask for an exciting story? Too bad because we aint got any exciting story. We formed in Hamar in 2005 after I went to oslo to watch a gig, stayed at Salstens place, recorded some dirty rehearshal-stuff unto tape and we decided to formDeathhammer. For maximum excitement just put on Heavy metal maniac.

I read an interview with you talking about how metal is becoming more and more extreme. Do you also feel that metal is being watered-down and turned to shit by posers and mall metal nonsense? How do the two balance out?

Sadomancer: I don`t think I was the one who said that but “extreme” like the big label-metalbands of today showing off their technical skills and playing 100 blastbeats per second is way different from what I concider extreme anyway. Bands like Nuclear Death and Necrovore forexample, is to me extreme in the true sense of the word because they were taking metal to the utmost extreme in sheer brutality and sickness. One should have no boundaries if the goal is to achieve sonic death. Yes, metal is constantly being watered down but that have been happening since the late 80s so I`m not taking it too hard. Who cares about those wimps anyway? On the other side of the river you find a batallion of killer bands doing things the right way. All hail the new flesh!

If DEATHHAMMER played to a full audience of posers and nu-metal pussies, could you turn them into true believers?! Why or why not?

Sadomancer: No chance! We would jump the stage and kill them!!

What is most challenging for DEATHHAMMER? What is most rewarding?

Sadomancer: To get together and actually record stuff can be difficult since we live far away from each other so I guess thats our biggest challenge. When a song is takingshape and all the riffs fits together is a pretty good feeling. It`s also cool to recieve a finished album with the cover and all and of course a good violent gig with a bloody floorand a bruised audience.

What does the future hold for DEATHHAMMER? Will there be a tape version of Onward to the Pits or are you looking for interested labels for such?

Sadomancer: More stage desecrations, a new album and a couple of split-releases + re-releases of different old stuff on hells headbangers. There actually exists a tape-version of Onward on Prostata records. Visit their website and buy the Hellstorm tape too, it slays!

The last words are yours, thanks for your time!

Sadomancer: Listen to the two first Stevie nicks-albums!