Chicago, home to some of the best metal bands in the world past and present. SCYTHE, USURPER, CIANIDE, and now FATHER BEFOULED are just a few of these bands that have brought forth an intense sound to the underground and beyond. Hitting up the scene in 2008 FATHER BEFOULED has taken up the INCANTATION style of doom death that gets the atmosphere just right for typing up a music review.

Dark Descent Records has really upped their game by releasing some really good music. The latest COFFIN TEXTS was well worth the wait and now with FATHER BEFOULED, DDR seems to be setting the bar for other labels to pick up the pace. Starting out with “Indulgence of Abhorrent Prophecies” this album is a mix of Onward to Golgotha and Mortal Throne-era Death Metal. These guys play really tight and the musicianship stands out with each track.

There is no denying the aura that is musically inclined with this band. You get the doomy death, you get the cryptic guitars, the drums of doom, and the vocals of anguish. “Obscurance of Universality” is a track that caught my ear right from the start. The sporadic guitar solo that kicks things off brings to mind old MORBID ANGEL and would make John McEntee proud. The production on this album is really good as the drums and guitars are really given the proper space to provide a solid foundation for the vocals.

The 7th and final song on this album is “Triumvirate of Liturgical Desecration” and at a whopping 9mins 49secs it is the longest on the album. The song starts in its typical slow and sludgy. The track quickly picks up a bit of speed to provide a nice crescendo and then drops back to its slow-paced tempo. While not the best song on the album, it still does stand out. The downside to this song is also its upside…the length of the song.

FATHER BEFOULED has the right elements to carry the torch that INCANTATION once held high. The running time is just under 37 minutes which leaves much to be desired but quenches the thirst needed to provide the listener with a memory-burned brain cell called FATHER BEFOULED. Released at the end of June and you should throw it in for a spin and judge for yourself. In the mean time, hit these guys up and check out their back catalog.