A side project of Nyogthaeblisz (who you absolutely must hear to believe!) from Texas, Hellvetron opts for a more calmed down, blackdoom approach that their bastard brethren other band’s whirlwind black metal sound. Not the type of doom where the bass chords just go “DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!” over and over in the usual boring fashion, and not the token Sabbath wanna-be that has proliferated beyond the realm of nausea-inducing these days, but slow, crushing, doom with seething blackness straight from the pits of hell, they way it should be!

As stated previously, Hellvetron is envisioned by the sick and warped minds of Alal Xhaasztuur and X. Szaghulhaza of Nyogthaeblisz and Satanic Skinhead Productions, a record label without compromise and with no regard for pretty much anything but themselves. Hey, it makes all the difference between those still supporting the underground and those looking to be rock stars in today’s tar pit of a scene! Their passion is unrelenting and it shines through in Hellvetorn like many a devilish fiend unleashing hell upon a meek and pathetic mankind. Razor-sharp production, mid-level pacing for a doomish act to actually keep things interesting and make you want extra helpings, and lo-fi growls that sings the praises of The Beast in a truly menacing fashion made me give these guys spin after spin while committing sin after sin!

Seven tracks to pay tribute to the seven hells and the keeper of each gate, unholy artwork proliferating the package, and esoteric lyrics that even made MY head spin, I took a great sadistic pleasure in giving Hellvetron the attention and respect they deserve. If I haven’t made it abundantly clear that doom metal isn’t really my cup of tea mixed with virgin’s blood (though I’ve been known to make exceptions for a handful of bands that actually left significant marks on the genre, whom I won’t be naming in another band’s review), Hellvetron have convinced me that with the right mixed of black metal makings and without the Sabbath clone sounding with fairies-straddling-mushrooms idiotic artwork type of bands that certain labels seems to base their entire survival on, I’m game for a new avenue if I feel it’s legitimate sounding and presented well. Hellvetron nail all that without a sliver of doubt in my mind! (FA)