Okay, I have to admit that I’ve been far beyond exhausted with the whole hardcore crossover stuff and just want my heavy metal and metal to be “Metal”, but there always has to be some belligerent S.O.B. like Homewrecker that deliver the goods with a bit of Helmet In the Meantime groove and skull smashing anthems that I can’t help but join in the feeding frenzy as they turn the musical waters red yet again.

Although I bitch about much of this other styles growing commonality these days, I must admit that I miss the 90’s heavy slammers like Helmet, early Melvins, and Alice in Chains pre Jar of Flies days (although I do love that album as well).

Every song on here is a seismic pulse of testosterone and socially aware bitterness that resonates just as well form the speakers ad amplifiers as it does to those of us that were not born as part of the whole “me” generation and a silver spoon of ignorance along with the tangible goods in hand. The song titles alone: “Pipe Dreams”, “Beaten Freedom”, “Visions of Terror”; craft an accurate enough portrayal of the temperature of this ballistic inferno of social unrest, but even then, until you’ve been thoroughly mangled by this beast, you will never grasp the full annihilating potential that Homewrecker have.

In terms of description, this is very much chugging addictive metal riffing that pumps and pounds like a Sherman tank on nitrous barreling across the wasteland driven by a solid wall of bassline groove and raucous borderline crossover and crusty death grind vocals. There’s plenty of death, thrash, 90’s sludge (Crowbar, EyeHateGod), and current slaughtering acts such as Acephalix, Seven Sisters of Sleep, Black Breath to keep your brain exploding with each note unleashed. With a sound and ferocity like this, they can start referring to “getting bombed” as easily as listening to Homewrecker. I would not operate any sort of machinery under the influence of Homewrecker unless your intent was indeed, to cause bodily harm to others.