Monthly Archive:: July 2012

Dragged Into Sunlight

Cloaked in a blood-drenched shroud of anonymity, the United Kingdom’s very own blackened death monstrosity, Dragged Into Sunlight have unleashed upon the world a destructive sound immersed in misanthropy and inconceivable madness. Hot on the heels of the band’s recent U.S. appearances, Forbidden Magazine caught up with an unnamed member, giving a glimpse of what [&hellip

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Denial of God – Death and the Beyond

Denial of God is not the typical HHR release, but still fits the labels reputation for finding the best in the extreme metal territories and bringing them to our attention. This Danish band started out as traditional black metal, although even early on there was still something definitely powerful brewing beneath the surface of the [&hellip

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Antediluvian – Revelations in Excrement

Although this should have made it in my best of 2011, I hadn’t gotten my grubby appendages on it until January 2012. Although only an EP, it’s my first initiation into the black vomit chamber of death that is the Canadian act Antediluvian and surely not to be the last as it’s a seriously deranged [&hellip

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Agruss – Morok

My interest in this Urkanian band came about when reading that they were based in the region around Chernobyl and that disaster and its effect on the region and the people is one of the major factors in the sound and content of Morok. Although officially labeled as black metal there’s way the hell more [&hellip

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Dhampyr – White Fire Laudanum

Starting out with “Delerium Tremens” there’s an absolute similarity to Burzum’s Hvis Lyset Tar Oss fused with other more ethereal and psychedelic BM acts such as Velvet Cacoon, Caina, Alcest, Lifelover, Petrychor… “White Fire Laudanum” is another drug induced haze of muddled emotional shrieking behind a collage of lush distortion sort of like being string [&hellip

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