Hails to Spellcraft! Your new album, Yersinia Pestis,is out now on Xtreem Music. Tell us about this new full length!

Yersinia Pestis is our new album. It was released in May of this year under the Spanish record label Xtreem Music, in my opinion is the best record label in Spain in reference to extreme Metal in general. This album was recorded in the Room Bcn in Barcelona with a good budget, we’ve wanted to get an excellent sound, totally professional and it entails to make a great recording and an exhaustive production.

How do you like how the album turned out? How would you compare it to your initial vision of what Yersinia Pestis would be?

I think that is the best work of SPELLCRAFT up to now and speaking about this I have to say; that you’ll find in it a more elaborated album and with a better production than ‘Stirpe Obscura’, that’s a new stage for us. It’s a natural progression in our sound but without losing our roots; I think, it is possibly more bestial and compact.

After a bit of research, I learned that Yersinia Pestis is a rather infamous bacteria that has been responsible for most major epidemics throughout history. How has its significance in history made an impact in your music?

Yersinia Pestis is the name of the bacterium that bred the Black Death, we found this name totally appealing for this album, because it is enigmatic and at the same time killer…nothing more suitable, its name sounds like death.

Is the title of the album reflected of the whole group of songs? Rather, is Yersinia Pestis a concept album? What is the nature of some of the other tracks, lyrically?

Every song has its own life and meaning, it’s the result of a mix of emotions and feelings that dwell in our minds, we don’t try to speak about anything in concrete, and I don’t try sending any specific message, everyone must get their own meaning about my thoughts, every person that reads the lyrics has to draw their own conclusion about it. I’m not a preacher, I don’t want control the thoughts of the people, one person without identity is a dead person. Simplifying several topics are touched on in them; from the hate that we carry inside, to our more suicidal thoughts…arriving to lustful moments forbidden for all the christian purity and against everything established by their fucking doctrine; which we want to bother with our lyrics and music.

The production of the album is, like your other works, well done and aggressive. How do you like the recording process? Do the songs change much when in the studio or do you have a clear goal in mind when the recording begins?

The recording process is very important in the final result of an album, as you say is a process and there are some guidelines to follow to get the most out of the stuff. Step by step, all the elements get together giving shape to what we look for, of course, it’s essential to have a good sound engineer for it; it’s the perfect union between both of them and spending a lot of hours with the mix until the last detail in sorted out, we are a demanding band with this we always try to do this work with calmness and on the best possible way. Normally when you arrive to the studio, we have a clear and general idea of what we want to get there, but some things may change as the recording moves forward because you always find things that may be improved and others with an unlimited power of creativity, many times is a question of momentary inspiration and improvisation; it gives magic to the music.

How does Yersinia Pestis differ from previous Spellcraft releases? Did you have in mind to do things differently this time around?
More than differences between both albums I would call it continuous evolution. All the band are satisfied with Stirpe Obscura not only with its defects but also with its virtues, this album was recorded in the same studio as Yersinia Pestis and also with the same sound engineer but with a smaller study and with less technical performances. However, our second album is possibly more compact and structured than our first work, but without losing our primal roots or renouncing to our past; as I said before it is a natural evolution of our music. And another difference from the last album with its predecessor is that there is two songs sung in Spanish, it was something that I had in my mind and at the end I have done it with a satisfactory success ha ha ha…

Is there a certain track or lyrics that stands out for you personally as a favorite? Why or why not?

Personally, I think that the songs of this album are very different from each other, every one has its own identity and meaning…I would stand out two songs; the first one `Alone in the Eternity´ because it’s furious and killer, its riffs seems to goes through your heart. And the last one would be `Taste the reptile skin´ it’s really magic and strange, but at the same time it’s raw and sharped; please listen to and let the poison run through your veins.

What is the easiest part of writing and recording music in Spellcraft? What is the most difficult?

It depends on the song, I believe that team-working makes the composition of the tracks easier; all together, we contribute with our ideas, in this way we take the better from every one. The most difficult; Arriving on time to our rehearsals hahaha we are a complete disaster for it.

Which would be more rewarding for you as a band, having sold 250,000 albums to fans all over the world or to play in front of a crowd of 250,000 people live? Why?

I would always choose the first choice because it means that your music has really arrived to all these fans and they are supporting our product. And being able to play front of a crowd of 250,000 people; this doesn’t attract me at all, because I’m sure not all these people there would like our music; it’s better to play for our real fans and create together a massacre, Black Metal is not music for masses; it’s only for the chosen ones.

I mentioned earlier the album is out through Xtreem Music. Are there other labels doing tape, vinyl or digital versions or does Xtreem handle everything for you currently?

Currently, we are very satisfied with the work of Xtreem Music with us, as I said before, in my opinion it’s the best record label in Spain. Maybe in the future if another label is interested to release our stuff in another format, we would have to speak it between all.

Recommend some bands for us! With everyone awash in internet metal madness, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of bands these days. Who do you think is worth hearing, other than Spellcraft, or course!

Yes, that’s totally true, the Internet is invaded by thousands of bands of no interest, generally speaking. But you can always find some bands which are worth listening. Lately I would do mention several bands from different metal styles such as Thunderbolt, Tribulation, Acherontas, Enforcer, Toxic Holocaust, the sound of these bands has touched my heart. Also, I have enjoyed recently the last albums of Aura Noir and Marduk, the first one because it’s a group with a great attitude ; this is Metal…and the second one because in my opinion they have recovered their old sound and magic, lost in their last albums.

Are there upcoming tours or live gigs you want to let the maniacs know about?

Spellcraft is going to play a few times, just carefully chosen festivals. We will fuse our old songs with the new stuff so that our fans could also enjoy our old anthems. n our live performances you’ll find only Black Metal, we want people to join us in our live concerts to get together a totally dark atmosphere and aggressive at the same time; all of us, together, will open the gates of kingdom of Adaegia.

What is next for Spellcraft? Was there material left over from Yersinia Pestis that will make it onto a split or EP?

Right now, our main goal is that Yersinia Pestis arrives as far as possible…I don’t like to do too many plans for the future, because generally they don’t come true. The most important is the present because the future is uncertain; only death is real…everything else is ephemeral, so the future will speak…

The last words are yours!!!

As usual, thanks Sleepwalker for your support and interest in Spellcraft, keep the cross burning and their holy temples too…