To Doden Os Skiller

Copenhagen’s Undergang return with their second full length, Til Doden Os Skiller; an eight track torture session of down-tuned guitars, choking atmosphere and violent double bass drum assaults. Littered throughout the albums 47 minutes tirade are samples of what I assume to be a horror movie in Undergang’s native tongue, providing a means of transition between the albums near six minute average songs. Moving well between grinding slow riffs and full throttle blast attacks, Till Doden Os Skiller is a solid release without any overly technical guitar riffs or studio editing nonsense to diminish its old school feel and attitude.

Altar of Sin
Tales of Carnage First Class

Altar of Sin’s second full length, Tales of Carnage First Class, has enough fucking aggression in the first twenty seconds to ward off any and all non-believers, poseurs and false-metal fanboys. Hateful vocals spit venom upon the cross in album opener, ‘Master Satan’, while double guitar treachery catch victims in their crossfire. The attack never lets up; from dusk to dawn, Spaniards Altar of Sin fill the sky with the sound of war on tracks like ‘Wrapped In A Black Cloak’ and ‘Les Demons’. When bullshit hipster metal snobs cry about the similarities Altar of Sin shares with Slayer and want to instead have an intellectual discussion about post-something metal nonsense, be sure to crank up album closer, ‘Into the Circle Pit’ and invite them to fuck off!

Holocausto Canibal

Perhaps I was never scorned enough by females to become a die-hard fan of misogynist gore-metal. As a child, I found solace in lyrics that spoke of unlimited power bestowed by black magic rather than barbaric and ‘low-brow’ ranting about sex and violence. It is still a principle I adhere to quite regularly, but once in a while, an album comes along that is powerful enough to cause me to eschew my stereotypical ways and really dig in. Holocausto Canibal’s Gorefilia is one such album. 18 slabs of rotting and diseased flesh ooze and bloat for 38 minutes of relentless death metal debauchery. A solid production allows each instrument multiple moments in the spotlight and the songs are short enough to never lose momentum, only building upon the previous idea or progression and giving cause for the headbanging listener to be swept away in a furious storm of blood and madness.

The Doom Skeptron

Finnish fanatics DESECRESY offer up a haunting soundtrack for a multitude of midnight mischief. Grave-robbers and lunatics have their perfect musical backdrop with The Doom Skeptron, the second full-length from these disciples of death. Seemingly more comfortable with slower-paced anthems with mystic harmonies courtesy of a dual guitar attack, DESECRESY rarely brings a full blast attack, and for good reason. Much of what makes this album unique is its sense of foreboding atmosphere, suffocating the listener under thick layers of ten-ton guitars and guttural vocals. Tracks like ‘The Sleep of Titans’ and ‘Sons of the Burning God’ churn like a great, howling maelstrom of ice and lost screams where album closer, ‘The Solemn End’, lives up to its namesake, crawling along like a wounded beast dizzy from loss of blood. For a structured and aggressive death experience, look no further than The Doom Skeptron!