The package arrived covered in postage stamps from distant lands. Although the padded envelope was torn and bent, covered in date codes, customs forms and the blood of a thousand innocents, the contents inside were undamaged. The releases of black war mongers ChristInvertion have been re-issued in a glorious DVD digipak, complete with a poster and is limited to a mere 100 copies. I was lucky enough to get one and am pleased to share my experience with you here.

Instantly, the crude cover art by Yag Mort foretells of what awaits the listener. Although the typical chainsaw-wielding, bullet belt wearing, goat-headed bodybuilder has been seen for years in bestial metal circles, the punishment is still quite severe, nonetheless. 26 total rituals of relentless blasting and violence amount to just under an hour of torture.

Noisy, erratic, poorly-mixed and unmastered is the ‘sound’ that ChristInversion went for and got on ‘Embodiment of Goat Blasphemy’. Originally released in 2004, the 14 songs on ‘Embodiment…’ are littered with samples from horror and porno films, filling every last moment with sounds of unspeakable atrocities. In classic grind fashion, the tracks rip from one extreme to the next and often end at the high mark, in the middle of a guitar solo or great riff, as if the engineer simply pressed ‘stop’ on the tape recorder.

Part two of this release is titled ‘Hail Blasphemy’ and was originally released in 2005. Each track contains the name of a legendary extreme band, such as ‘Slutorture Impiety’ or ‘Evilution Beherit’. A touch more coherent, a bit more arranged and a lot more fulfilling, the second half of the album just seems to flow better with a more intelligible production (but not much) and song-structure. For me, if a song doesn’t last longer than two minutes and is just one of many ‘brickwall-of-black-sound’ tracks on the album, I will probably remember the pixelated cover art more than the actual music.

For fans of violent, bestial fucking filth, ChristInvertion (not the Phil Anselmo version, either!) will burn your house and shit on your grave in less than two minutes, guaranteed! Don’t believe me? Listen for yourself at the link below!