The printed page is, some say, a dying medium. With the ease and accessibility of web-based music propaganda, many zines have found themselves reaching a larger audience in less time by publishing online as opposed to spending hours at the local print shop. Forbidden is one of these magazines and we do our best to support the paper medium when and where it does manifest.

Diovim Issue 3 is a Lithuanian zine of around 32 pages, full of short interviews and reviews from bands encompassing a variety of extreme genres. Color covers, glossy pages and seemingly few advertising make for a well presented magazine that is all killer no filler.

The pages of Diovim Issue 3 features interviews with Kampfar, Wulture, Anubi, My Dying Bride, Demonical, Agonija, Carpathian Forest, Toxodeth and a ton more. The only trouble is, I can’t read a word of it. Written presumably in the native Lithuanian tongue, I can only speculate at to what questions were asked and what answers give. Anti-climatic in every regard, I do hope that future issues will have a few copies for us English speaking maniacs!

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