Like previous releases from Funerary Call, the dark tracks on Beckoning at the Black were previously available through another label and are now being resurrected via Fall of Nature Records. For good reason too! The haunting atmospheres created by sole member H. Mcfarlane are sinister and foreboding to say the least, expertly crafted without the harsh-noise nonsense that some are too quick to call ‘art’.

With a host a great releases from labels as diverse and trustworthy as Nuclear War Now! Productions, Crucial Blast and Malignant Records, Funerary Call has built a discography that stands unchallenged in the realm of punishing power electronics and unforgettable soundscapes fit only for a restless night of troublesome dreams. Knife in hand,’Black Art’ tip-toes across a squeaky wood floor in the dark with its atonal piano melody where the pounding tribal drums of ‘Hill of Skull and Bone’ offer up a view of just that amongst the long shadows and funeral pyres.

Without words, Beckoning at the Black does more with silence that most ‘grim’ bands do with a gatefold lyric sheet: the horror is custom made for the psyche of the listener. Who is justified to discuss ‘Of Death’s Breath’? In this case, not Funerary Call. Think of being handed an empty canvas, a fine brush and a selection of dark paints. Funerary Call gives one the tools necessary to create an unforgivable and unforgettable image in their own mind, without instruction or expectation. The title track, as well as the previously unreleased ‘Plague March’, is simply amazing and the entire album is a worthwhile experience to listen to again and again.

I often ask bands that if their album were to be synced with a movie, what would the film be about? In this case, the point and the discussion is moot. Beckoning at the Black would only deter the viewer from the on-screen characters and their trival plot, demanding they create something more unique in their own mind’s eye.

By the way, the video below is of H. Mcfarlane performing live with turntables. All mp3/laptop DJs take fucking heed!