Too many of you reading this, Behexen are no strangers, whether it be their name alone, their notoriety, their ancient but ever progressing ugliness in sound and content, or all of the above. Regardless of where your coming from on Behexen familiarity make no mistake in thinking that this is anything less than a grotesque monstrosity of combined evil, cryptic, epic, intellectual pursuits with the clear production and incredible craft that takes a black metal to unimaginable depths, becoming like a possession haunting the mind and body beyond a mere “listening” experience.

Behexen do not entertain, they stimulate!!! Their use of atonal guitar melodies in conjunction with the clean, treble buzzing powerchord rhythms, their sound is inhuman and traditional black metal at its finest. With “We Burn With Serpent Fire” the band steps things up a notch as the lead work creates an additional injection of horror and intensity that one cannot get from other bands in the genre.

Whatever you’re in the mood for Behexen deliver it here: solid metal leads, well placed and memorable solos, varying rhythm structure, a clean and artistic production that creates something cinematic and degenerate, and a traditional black metal sound all the way through that’ll appeal to fans of the style across the board. Trust me, straight on forward down the shaft of shattered souls from the pulverizing “Wrathful Dragon Hau-Hra” all the way to “Kiss of the Dark Mother” you’ll be burning in Hell and burning others with you.`