Denmark’s Death Metal export DAWN OF DEMISE have returned with a new full length album and with a new label….Unique Leader Records. This third full length is a 12-song pile of brutal death metal meshed into 41+ minutes. A quick bit of history regarding the band for those of you new to them: The band was started in 2004 by Bjorn Jensen and Martin Sorensen. Bjorn’s brother Scott later joined on vocals and the rest is history. They play a more US-style of death metal rather than the typical Swedish DM sound. The songs are catchy and crunchy, the basic elements for some headbanging good times.

DAWN OF DEMISE’s first two efforts were an interesting slab of technicality that reminded me of SUFFOCATION. Scott Jensen has some sick vocals and has not lost a step throughout the years. The songs are really well structured and not your typical 10000 bpm guitars/drums. The riffs really make each track stand out and doesn’t give it that “boring” feel. The album really grows on you and brought my attention back to death metal especially in a time when all the DM bands are just trying to see who’s drummer and guitarist can break the world speed record. The fact that the total length of time is around the 40 minute mark makes it just enough to quench the thirst without making it drag out.

I really want to point out that the music is very heavy, the guitars are down tuned to the point where it will make your speakers rattle off the shelf. There are some movie sound samples throughout the album, but it is used in a very creative way and not a “Mortician-movie-samples-take-up-3/4s-of-the-record”form. The guitar solos really pop out at you and are memorable, not over the top but just right. “Killing Spree” just had a nice mix of slam/blast beats and guitars that jumped around a mid-paced tempo with a fast tempo.

Guest vocals on the track “The Immaculate Slaughter” are provided by INTERNAL BLEEDING’s very own Frank Rini and was a nice surprise to the mix. Check out the sick drum intro on “The Epitome of Brutality” as it quickly reminds me of Dark Angel’s “Death is Certain”’s drum track intro, sick drumming. If there was a scale that could be used to rate this record, it would be a solid 9 out of 10. The right ingredients are set in place and made for some good times while listening. Highly recommend everyone to buy this album, even if it has been a good while since you last heard some death metal.